5th Grey Cattle Merriment! – Vajdahunyad Castle – City Park – Budapest – 2016.


Spicing up your appetite at a real authentic rural atmosphere!

September, 9-11  2016.

The Hungarian Grey Cattle Breeders Association is celebrating its 25-year anniversary.  The 5th Grey Cattle Merriment (5. Szürkemarha Vigadalom) aims to promote the “Hungarian gray cattle” as a Hungarian breed within the „Hungaricums”.

Fine gray cattle food, within cultural events continuously on two-stage: folk music, petting zoo, farm milieu, craft programs and real authentic rural atmosphere. Also award-winning grey cattle traditional classic delicacies and reinvented flavors awaits the local and foreigner visitors to one of the largest and best-gastro-cultural festival by free of entry. Within the 3 days festival can experience the Hungarian gray cattle as one of the finest cuisine, traditional cuisine, the flavors rethought, cooked in giant cauldrons, multi-ton with barbecue, as well as domestic and intimate meals and wines, beers and pálinka  to ease the thirst.

The 5th Grey Cattle Merriment (5. Szürkemarha Vigadalom) offers on two-stage continuous folk music and cultural events, petting zoo, farm milieu, craft programs and rural crafts. At the open field event can be seen the award-winning gray cattle, as well as presentations about the animals, breeding. A real interactive exhibition, giving insight into the past and present of these beautiful animals.During the festival, one of the highlights will be presented by the gray cattle breeders in showing their cooking experiences at the cooking competition together with the enterprising members of the media. In addition, a special exhibition opens introducing the Hungarian gray cattle … its impressive appearance of wild nature. The Hungarian gray cattle is kept hundreds of years of ethnographic, cultural tradition blends with modern practice.

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