Next year ATP and WTA tennis tournaments – Budapest

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Splendid news for the tennis lovers … Next year ATP and WTA tennis tournaments will be held in Budapest.

Previously, the ATP tournament has had never been organised in Hungary!

The Lajos Szűcs PresidentHungarian Tennis Association opened the press conference on the Friday held at a breathtaking view on the top terrace at he Aria Hotel – Budapest,  by saying the Margaret Island, the former Dózsa stadium is currently in mess of ruins, but no need to worry, the government’s decision is made to carry out in repairing it, and to be handed over next spring the conjured modernized facility. The men’s competition on the Margaret Island tennis center will take place in April, while the Rio tournament took place women’s bout will be held in February, 2017 at the Syma Hall – Budapest.

Attila Richter – Secretary-General recalled that Hungary have had never held the ATP tournament and since 2013 the women’s elite has not be on the tennis field in the capital. The tournament was taken to Bukarest after holding the match for 13 years from the Római Coast. Richers  also spoked about the forthcoming games  Ladies Open – ITF games – July, 2-10. 2016. – Europe Tennis Center – District, XX., 21. Közműhelytelep Street – Budapest, when and where 17 junior ITF tournament will take place. No tickets are required, all the games are free of charge. The prize will be 100 thousand dollars. Then the coming week-end at the same venue the men’s team  will open the Davis Cup match – Hungary – Slovákia,  July, 15-17. 2016. – Europe Tennis Center –  District, XX., 21. Közműhelytelep Street – Budapest. Daily ticket price 3000 HUF, 3day pass 6000HUF. He added knowing the homeland tennis addicted audience are pretty much curious to see the international elite as well, so hopefully they will be able to be satisfied int he further, because in 2017 will be the Year of the Hungarian Tennis and surprise may come their way.

At the event was also present: Márton Fucsovics, Attila Sávolt, Andrea Temesvári, Anikó Kapros,  Réka Jani and Dalma Gálfi.

The owner of the rights of the men’s competition is Ion Tiriac – Romanian businessman, a former Davis Cup player who decided to bring back the tournament to Budapest.  Despite formerly living in Budapest, he became fond of the Hungarian Capital. In 1965 was the winner at the Universiade game in Budapest also in doubles became a champion at the Roland Garros. Tiriac recently dropped over to visit the Margaret Island’s tennis field and he got sentimental to see where he once was the champion. He welcomed the pre-development facility, and has high hopes the scene of to-day with belly deep full of weeds will greatly change by April, 2017.

The Challenger race will take place this year between October, 24 – 30 at the Syma Hall – Budapest, where among the players will enter the field Márton Fucsovics. The total prize of the tournament is 64000 EUR.

György Kozmann – Assistant Secretary of State for Human Resources of the Ministry of Sports, stated that more and more young adult Hungarian athletes can show their skills by having the means of special sporting disciplines flowing state aid.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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