“In the Year of Gastronomy” … On a route of wine and gastronomy to Eger!

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On behalf of the Hungarian Tourism Agency of North Hungary Regional Marketing Directorate,  Anita Molnár – Director, László Habis – Mayor of Eger, Hegedűsné Majnár Márta –  Managing Director at Eger City Tourism Nonprofit Ltd, József Tarsoly – Eger’s mountain judge, dr.György Lorincz – Vineyard owner of St. Andrea. The Eger Mountain Community, held a special press conference on the route of  wine and gastronomy  to Eger. Our host was  the St. Andrea Wine – Gourmet Bar in Budapest.

Anyway… it would be tough to explain in 60 seconds about City of Eger… why it is worthwhile to visit by Hungarians living outside the city and for the most to target the foreigners living, visiting Hungary to point out. Eger holds and share truly a life adventure beside visiting the capital. It has so much history and to have the unique experience of the city’s wine culture that melted together over the centuries.

At the opening the floor was taken by Anita Molnár, who said  “It is “The Year of Gastronomy” and the City of Eger has rich in flavors and specialities for gourmand as well and  before or after taking a spin around the city, enjoy the Hungarian staples at one of the local restaurants. Continued to frame the city itself as a beautiful historical venue located in Northern Hungary. The city of Eger is rich in monuments and natural attractions. It is reasonably considered as the baroque pearl of Hungary. It is a city where Hungarian individuals visit it several times. Anita Molnár pointed out, at first, organised school groups study tours in their early age visiting the famous Castle of Eger to feel, see and learn about the scene of the famous defeat of 1552 the SIEGE OF EGER which was also the basis of a novel called EGRI CSILLAGOK – „Stars of Eger” written by the Géza Gárdonyi in the 19th century. His novel is part of the national curriculum. Later on, the young adults return to visit the city to get to know more about its surrounding historical places. Couples and families once again come along, bring their children to spin around the city and show, share their previous memories with the kids. The elder folks visit Eger to recall their early years visits. Eger throughout 365 days is open for all generation. The distance from Budapest to Eger is more-or-less 138 km.

The major of the city added a couple of places worth to visit, saying: its squares and streets can be discovered easily like an open book upon arrival by Hungarian and foreigner visitors. Eger with its historic buildings make the city an architectural gem. Most of its attractions can be visited on foot. The medieval castle of Eger is a real castle! Actually, fierce battles took place over 38 day siege by the Turks in 1552 when around 2000 defenders including women and children defeated the mighty Turkish army held off 40,000 Turks. Against all odds for about 45 years later Eger was eventually captured by the Turks and they ruled the city for almost a century.

The major highlighted to visit Eger with  more venues to be seen …  as the cathedral which is one of the city’s gems.  The MINARET OF EGER is the northernmost historical building of the Turkish era in Europe. It was built shortly after the Turks victory in 1596 and it used to belong to the Djami of Kethuda. The 40-meter-high minaret was made of red sandstone, and it has a fourteen-sided ground-plan.

The baroque style down-town was built-in the 1800s by the highly cultural Archbishops of Eger, whose ideas were attained with the help of Italian, German and Austrian architects and the great professionals from the city. The venue is surely filled with picturesque history over millennium on top of the hill. Spot the three crosses in the castle are where stands as a memorial to around 400 defenders. In the castle there is a museum which shows the history of the castle in English and Hungarian language.  The BASILICA on the DOBO SQUARE show the superb architecture.  Who has not heard of the famous BULL’S BLOOD – red wine from Eger. Arriving to the city your the best place to be to visit cellars carved from the local, soft tufa-rocks and cliffs on the hilly side of Eger. Also take a ride by the  direct tour train to the VALLEY OF THE BEAUTIFUL WOMEN – „Szépasszony völgye” which holds more than 50 wine cellars awaiting for the thirsty visitors.  Mentioned to worth a visit to the episcopal cellar system under the town, called the TOWN UNDER THE TOWN. The sweet tooth lovers  are not forgotten who will also find themselves talking their steps to the Kopcsik Mazipanland, the “sweetest” exhibition in Hungary. To cool down cannot leave Eger before not to visit the MINERAL BATH – SWIMMING POOL PARK, a real personal experience. The city of Eger showing respect to the four mushroom head musician with last year’s opening the BEATLES MUSEUM namely on the „ Egri Road”. Surely a must-see place wandering around the huge collection of Beatles items and to shop, carry home eye-catching gadgets by their fans. It is the 5th Beatles museum in Europe.  Looking for a place to have a blast, well VARASZTORONY is your place – Observatories and Planetarium in Eger with its  Magic Tower. The magic room is six floors up in the astronomical tower at the Liceum.

Visit the PANOPTIKUM, the museum where the individuals come to life and can see the wax figures from the novel of The stars of Eger by Géza Gárdonyi.

The presentations were highlighting one of Hungary’s most spectacular tourist destination. Furthermore, adding information to the traditions worthy of culture to be experienced. However, this is not the only reason why the city with a 1000 years of history  is worth to be at least once visited, but keep in mind, to see, enjoy the city’s hospitality not for a day tripper. The more days you spend at Eger the richer in experience  will last forever.

Last but not least … mark your calender … be ready to join the 3 days party … the XX. EGRI BIKAVÉR FEST at the Bishop’s Park on the ST. Donatus Day. July, 7. – July 10. 2016.

This year celebrating its 20th anniversary for the wineries of Eger Wine Region. Its the time to come together in order to march up the best Bikavér wines. A popular tradition of Bikavér Festival is the creation of food by the best restaurants of Eger and surroundings matching with the wines. The rule is one Bikavér … one food. Egri Csillag and the White wines of Eger likewise reds, harmony with vigorous acids and fruity flavour. The white blend is built on the varieties of Carpathian Basin: furmint, hárslevelű, leányka, királyleányka, zengő and zenit with great expectations similar to Bikavér.

Updated and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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