EDEN Days – “Best ecotourism destination” – Styrian houses – 2016.

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Need not have to get too far from the highway, when driving from North-West Europe i.e. Austria to Budapest or  heading to other cities in Hungary to visit Kőszeg and its surroundings. Indeed, should not to be missed by foreigners to take a break, stop, visit the historical sites, stay for a couple of days, taste the local gastronomic delights.

The European Commission in 2006 launched the project title: Great European Destinations, which stands for the European continent’s natural, cultural and heritage diversity intending to introduce for the tourists. EDEN is an English acronym (European Destinations of Excellence), but also a welcoming, friendly expression … state of harmony and inviting destination.

Visit to Írottkő Park … In May, 2009, the Írottkő Park won the tender by the European Commission’s EDEN competition titled: “Best ecotourism destination”. In connection with the award of obtaining anniversary Írottkő Nature Park Association this year also organized EDEN days, in the name of the fascinating spectacle Styrian houses which we also visited. The nature park is an awesome experience to see, learn at the open-air museum how the tiddy styrian house look like in the old days.

Hungary specifically target a lot to choose from among the green economy: 21% of the area of our woodland, close to a quarter of that number is high global level, and 10% of the country is under nature protection.

Visit to Őrség seen the village deservedly won a European rating agency, destinations, EDEN Award. Protect and discover the wonders of nature, get to know the local customs and clear-eyed hospitable folks. An exciting and unusual itineraries in the green economy  talking a walk in their footsteps. Őrség offers a thousand pure springs, dark giant pines, bell-feet villages which preserved its natural, cultural and rich in sacred values. Tradition gastronomic event held yearly in several local village in autumn during the Pumpkin Festival  at: Őriszentpéter, Szalafő, Pityerszer, Magyarszombatfa. It is worth to taste the local dishes of pumpkin seed oil, the “dödölle” – potato dumpling  and watch the world go by with a sip of wine and relax. During the Pumpkin Festival  chartered bus runs between Kőszeg and the Styrian houses on the spot buffet and wine tasting available.

Living in a crowed city with all the rush and noise around a perfect place to get loose by visiting, spending a couple of nights at Őrség where many neat  family houses are out for rent, where visitors can get close to nature, and for the active sports travelers  hiking, cycling take them around the different faces of the landscape. Those who want to learn about the typical local atmosphere may roam between the villages of romantic times.

Visiting the City of Kőszeg myriad of historical, natural and cultural treasures. Once the visitors are at Kőszeg, worthwhile to visit the tourist destinations which were featured in the internationally prized „EDEN program”. Worthwhile to stay several days because it is a city with buildings that has its own story. Kőszeg and the surrounding neighbourhood is unique by itself as the locals place in front of their gates a pot for the price to leave  buying their homemade products as jams, season’s fruits from their garden and collected local honey  therefore the city is basically called the “Honor Pot City”.  Also the relationship between Kőszeg and wine history has a centuries-old relationship. The history sources are from the past centuries about the vineyard and its role of the city. Recently established the Kőszeg Wines worthy guardian of the wine culture featuring the grape and wine history, the wine making traditions. wine. The Kőszeg winemakers community preserved in caring the history of the local wine shoots in the “Book of Grapes” from 1740.

Visit to the Jurisics Castle … After enjoying the picturesque small villages providing the peaceful atmosphere and harmony, we visited the main square, the Jurisics castle, which is now a museum and cultural centers.

Mentioning a couple of the so many programs that awaits tourist to enjoy whilst visiting Kőszeg and its surroundings: Museums, World Heritage Site, active recreation, mineral spa, Wine Tour and Wine – Wine House, Museum of grape and wine processing local history collection, ski jumping, Sport Fishing, boating on the Lake and so forth.

In August –  Turkish siege of days, and at the Castle Theater will hold several performances.

On the  last week-end in September each year on the main square is held the harvest festival. In the evening a parade from local and international brass bands … even arriving from Australia will entertain the visitors.

Nature and wildlife is definitely recommended for those interested families to visit the István Bechtold Nature Conservation Visitor Center, which presents the area’s wildlife, bird life and especially unique for children to take the adventure trail, also gain the experience in store for European Crested Tit.

Stayed at the Gotthard Thermal Hotel & Conference****, which is situated in Szentgotthárd at the most western  town in  Hungary and just a short distance from the Hungarian-Austrian-Slovenian borders.  The hotel got all what it takes to recharge yourself , enjoy the mediterranean feeling with its sunbathing terrace, thermal spas, roman baths, wellness treatments, outdoor sport facilities, good cuisine and for the  tourists to explore the surrounding area can take an easy excursion to Őrség.

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