Beer Sheva Theater – Guest performance – Atrium-movie theater – Budapest – 2016.

Beer Sheva Theater Photo by : MaayanKaufman

Beer Sheva Theater Photo by : MaayanKaufman

Jewish Art Festival –  Saturday, May, 28. –  Tuesday, June, 14. 2016.

Slichot – Yom Kipur – Day of Atonement

Tuesday, June, 7. 2016.

7 p.m.

Original Hebrew performances with Hungarian subtitles!

In the frame of this year’s Jewish Art Festival the Beer Sheva Theater as guest performance will be for one night on stage with the play Slichot – Yom Kipur – Day of Atonement.

 The story goes on as … one day Massouda Ohana return the keys of the house to the Amidar housing company, and disappeared. The four daughters … Malka – the homemaker,  Evelyn – very religious woman, Fanny – the  sexy business woman and Amira –  the student studying cinema arrive to their home to clear out the house. Their intention is spend together the holiday  season of Yom Kippur – the Day of Atonement with their mother. While packing, packaging, memories come forth, family secrets come upon surface, and their relationship becoming increasingly intense. By the end of the day they realize that despite the fact they originate the same mother, actually they all in a way  perceive to have different personality and in a way hardly know each other. At the end of the day it is like as though someone else would be their mother.

The Slichot is a funny play, dynamic dialogues game in which family issues, such as child-parent relationships, women’s jealousy, the deep gap in generation. Painful secrets and deep emotions come upon the surface.

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