Gala Show – Hungaricum Association – RaM Colosseum – 2016.

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What could be a better way in communicating than by Dance and Music = World Language!

The RaM Colosseum is the first Theater of Experience in Budapest – Hungary., whereas was held the Hungaricum Gala  handing honorary diploma to the latest  Hungaricum members and followed by the RaM Colosseum a superb performance.

Previously to the “Stormy” theater show,  József  Birinyi – president of the Hungaricum Association  – (hereinafter: HUSZ) held a welcome toast as greeting the other representatives from the (HUSZ) and the invited guests as Tibor Vona – ExperiDance owner and managing director, Tamás Glogovácz – ExperiDance and László Gazdag – (HUSZ) contact person. The (HUSZ) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization “Measure the Value” … their goal is to create together with specialists a special Hungarian value since 2011. One of the  (HUSZ) aim is guarding the highlighted values of Hungary. To save, support the creation of new values, developing, promoting, strengthening the country’s brand homeland and around the world

Among the invited special guests was the president of “Alpha to Omega” – music for the faith civilian company, László Benkő and Ferenc Debreceni aka: “ciki” –  Omega ensemble, Judit Polgár, the men’s chess team world-famous head coach, Kálmán Pajor – president Halas Lace Foundation – Trustees board member, CEO – president Ferenc Lévai –  Golden carp Fisheries Ltd.  representing the Hungarian fish soup – member of the (HUSZ) and the Hungarian “Gulyás” Goulash and Gastro-tourism Association‘s representing goulash recipe.

Prior to the gala performance new members of the (HUSZ) stakeholders stepped on stage to seal with their signature the partnership within  the (HUSZ). Tibor Vona managing director, owner of the ExperiDance Production, Laszló Benkő and Ferenc Debreceni a.k.a. ciki – both members of the Omega Ensemble were extremely touched and expressed their appreciation to receive the  honorary diploma from the (HUSZ). The 100-member Gypsy Orchestra, representing the tradition Hungarian world-famous Gypsy music – Nándor Beke Farkas – chairman and manager received the honorary diploma handle over by Gábor Mathiász (HUSZ) Vice President.

Before the Hungaricum Gala show began an image clip of the ExperiDance was screened. The Hungaricum Gala at the RaM Colosseum brought alive a night full of entertainment. Was a splendid in content and quality performance. Many in the audience held their breath watching the show because it definitely breathtaking. Just as the title indicated a „Stormy” show, so not at all was surprising between change of scenes for minutes-past-minutes the  audience  applauded and by the end of the show  did not wish to let the artists go, repeatedly they wish to see-hear a little more of their talented members of the RaM Colosseum ensemble and grand gypsy musicians.

The “STORMY” was a world-class show.  Certainly a huge overwhelming success.

To have to characterize in two-two words the RaM Colosseum splendid evening’s gala performances … all there is to be said:

Virtuoso Musicians …  Virtuoso Dancers.

 Recommend to the see this captivating “STORMY” performance.

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