Danube Regatta – The sports festival of the year -Budapest

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Professional  rowers and universities amateur rowing teams paddled their boats … Came rain … Came shine, rowers on the water.  Nothing could spoil the cheering crowd to enjoy this marvelous day. More than ten thousand local and foreigners folks were interested to watch the race by paddlers floating down the River Danube in Budapest.

Iain Lindsay OBE – British Ambassador to Hungary just arrived two month ago to Hungary, yet to many much surprise his greeting words were in Hungarian language and welcoming the rowing teams. He expressed his pleasure at the sight of the enthusiastic fans of college and  the large number of audience . He also wished good luck to all the contestants. Added he feels just like being at home in Scotland, because the weather is absolutely the same as here to-day … a real Scottish summer weather.

Again the world’s greatest rowing regatta individuals arrived to Budapest to splash into the on the River of Danube.  In 2015 we could view the US elite doubles  – Harvard and Princeton and this year another two legendary eight professional university are to row together with the Hungarian university’s rowers. The regatta rowers slowly but surely engaged call to challenge the sport elite foreign rowers to participate at Hungary’s biggest inter-university sport and cultural event. This year  Oxford and Cambridge universities came to row their boats together with the Hungarian universities paddlers.

Not only the cheerleading teams ensured their own university’s paddlers by loud support, but also were encouraging their best of throat.

A full day with sports demonstrations and live music events until dawn.

The final results of this year’s 4500 meters downstream result of the rowing eights race overtaking the world-class British university rowers – the István Széchenyi István University first paddled their way to the finish line, then followed second place podium the Cambridge team  and the bronze medal  was gain by the Budapest Corvinus University rowers.

The József Antall Knowledge Center’s amateur colorful dragon boaters also clash on the Danube and the race was won by the Budapest University of Physical Education.

The Lords of Gravity acrobatic basketball team‘s show was highly appreciated cheered all the way. Their spectacular throws and jumps were breathtaking and even they chased the rainy weather away for the time being of their show.

Those who were on the spot will surely remember this day. A superb day with much fun organized by the József Antall Knowledge Center.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter


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