Hungarian and International National Gastro Days – Budapest – 2016.

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In 2016 now holding as a tradition again national days at the Great Market Hall in Budapest.

District, IX. 1-3  Vámház Blvd. Budapest … On the Pest side of Liberty Bridge.

A fine time to get to know more about Hungarian and International National Gastro Days. Of course, not just for the local but the tourist during their stay in Budapest. Also the tourist  can take a peak  at one of Europe’s oldest and huge market hall on regular guided tours at the three-storey hall. Great opportunity for the foreigners for the time being, April, 5-7. 2016 in Budapest to see what Hungary has to offer  for them.

Each week from Thursday to Saturday different nations introduces beside culinary delights, cultural and items from their natural treasures.

Here are the other dates to the coming National Gastro Days:

April, 5-7 – Hungarian Days

April, 12-14 – Moroccan Days

May, 3-5 – Peruvian Days

May, 10-12 – Greek Days

May, 17-19 – Indonesian Days

May. 24-26 – Croatian Days

May, 31 – June, 2 – Vietnamese Days

June, 7-9 – Portuguese Days

June, 21-23 – African Days

July, 5-7 – Indian Days

July, 19-21 – Egyptian Days

August, 2-4 – Brazilian Days

August, 16-18 – Thai Days

August, 31-1. September, 1 – Polish Days

September, 13-15 – Mexican Days

September, 27-29 – Hungarian Days

October, 4 – 6 – Australian Days

October, 11 – 13 – Szekely Days

November, 15 – 17 – Nepalese Days

December. 2- 3 – Santa Claus Day

A little background information about the Great Market Hall:

At the turn of the 19th-20th centuries, after Budapest was formed by unifying Buda, Pest and Óbuda, the city begun flourishing and expanding.

The chaotic outdoor markets could no longer adequately supply the growing number of inhabitants with fresh produce.

The city leaders decided to build covered market halls similar to those in Paris and other Western European cities.

Construction of the Great Market Hall started in 1894 according to the design of Samu Petz. In 1896 a few days before the hand over fire destroyed about half of the roof.

The southern side of the Market Hall faces a the University of Economics Campus

After repairing the roof, the market opened on 15th March, 1897 together with the other four Budapest Markets, built at the same time.

Budapest’s Great Market Hall belonged to the most modern indoor markets at that time, with up-to-date lightning and refrigeration.

Originally the vendors shipped their products into the hall through a network of indoor channels. They aren’t in use anymore.

The Hall was reconstructed between 1991-94., having beautiful Zsolnay tiles cover the enormous roof structure, that make it the most spectacular element of the building from outside. Source from Great Market Hall.”

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