Pork Sticker Festival – Millennium – Budapest – 2016.

Port Sticker Festival - Budapest

February, 19. – 21. 2016.

The 3days program are opened from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m.

In the month of February it does not end the continuing large-scale of events in Budapest.

The Millenary Fish Festival has just ended and is giving the venue way to the festival of pork stickers.

The event will be lined with the best domestic and international pork cuisines, all spiced with high quality handicraft products. Visitors may also can experience the classic farmhouse traditions of the past. Also Pork breeds from the Carpathian Basin will be on the spot. The event is lined with hundreds of culinary specialties made from pork, not only to taste, but also can learn tricky ways of cooking it.

For the smallest ones, especially those living in Budapest, who cannot see live animals only at the zoo will be having pleasure visiting the farm-yard, watching live animal demonstration and taking part in petting animals. Also during all three days, the children can take visit the free, heated children’s area having free arts and crafts workshops, visiting of large-scale livestock show and strolling in-and-out the mini zoo. The continuous stage programs, major concerts and folk games entertain the audience of all age.

Day1. … At the opening day, which is Friday guests can buy their tickets to the “Gluttonous  Friday” for  50% discount price and go for tasting to the indicated stands, shown in the coupon booklet for various meals. The national press organs and celebrities will be divided in teams as filler of their own sausages, and int he meantime the retro concerts will take the main role.

Day2. … On Saturday, rollicking music, a real village atmosphere with traditional village atmosphere will take place where a wedding party starts off for the Hungarian food lovers. At this event will be elected the most beautiful girl in the village elections. Another fun experience is to take part by chasing pork, and even pork-eating competition. The lads can measure their skills  in a completion  as who will be  the village’s most strongest Anybody may enter the city’s biggest sausage competition, where families may bring their most favorite family’s recipes.

Day3. Sunday Hungarian folk music and folk dancers will play the main role and of course enjoying meals during the luchtime or as an evening supper.  Another funny time for the day is to take part in chasing pork, and even  particioating at a pork-eating competition and sausage eating competition.

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