Traditional Fish Soup from Baja – Fish Festival – Millenium Park – Budapest – 2016.

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Hungary  has no seashores, but extremely  rich in rivers, lakes, within having many species of fish.

When you say the city’s name Baja, the Hungarians right away  and prehaps some foreigners who already visited Baja know your exactly talking about the Home of the Special Fish Soup!

Baja representing their uncomparable, traditional fish soup style  for the third time at the annual fish soup festival in Budapest. On this occasion held a short press gathering by
the Mayor of Baja – Róbert Fercsik and Managing Director – Barnabás Bócsa – Baja Marketing Ltd., at the Baja Fish Soup Tent. Their aim was to drawing the attention for local and foreigners about the fish soup Baja style. The fish soup with home-made match style noodles is the  one-and-only fish soup style cooked in Hungary, namely Baja Fish Soup (Bajai Halászlé). Through the past centuries  the Baja fish soup is cooked using the same recipe.  The Baja fish soup was qualified as Hungaricum in 1996 when the City of Baja celebrated its 300 years birthday.

Baja is unimaginable without its fish soup and if you’re not planning to visit  the city in the coming days, then here in the Hungarian capital now you can do so, worthwhile to drop over to the Millenium until Sunday, February, 14.2016.

Good Appetite!

Other events to come  this year at the City of Baja … culture and entertainment throughout the year, with the motto of the series of festival programs namely: „Wonderful Baja” (Csodálados Baja). Consecutive culinary events such as festivals, exhibitions, concerts, guest stars, sport events and many other attractions for all ages.

At this year’s Fish Festival event can be found from across the country’s fish soup makers and can try fish in all forms, that you would not cook at home every day, i.e. exotic sushi, Pad Thai noodles, the Russian caviar, the French fish soup, Italian sea bass, the African lung catfish, fish salami and does not lag behind the American style Fish & chips. Wine, pálinka, home-made cheese, sweet tooth lovers will surely find what they are looking for.

Beside a great variety of international cuisine, also showcases family programs and music programs … A peak into other three days programs:

DAY1. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY, 12 … “Gluttonous  Friday”

Only on Friday -50% off price from the coupon leaflet indicated fish delights. These fish not only looking good, but the specialities cooked as the Hungarians like it!  The coupons can be downloaded from the event’s  net page.

5 p.m. – 10 p.m. – Giant Catfish cutting and baking

5 p.m. – Duel between Szeged Vs. Baja Fish  soup cookers

6 p.m. – Envious Armpits glands – group

7.30 p.m. – Beatrice concert


10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Fish Cooking Competition

5 p.m. – Ámokfutók band

6.30 p.m. – Erika Zoltán – singer

8 p.m. – Ákos Dobrády – TNT band


2 p.m. 100 – Folk Celsius concert for children

3.30 p.m. – Trampoline Theatre: The Golden Fish Tale

5 p.m. – Caramel singer

6 p.m. – Ferenc Bulyáki /Franky

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