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Since opening of the Atrium Film&Theater in 2012., it has been showing contemporary movies and theater performance. This year also the cine-projector rolls on screening regularly, choosing films found important to reach the audiences. Some of these movies cannot be seen anywhere else in the city anymore.

Heading off with the Home Guards (Veszettek), a Hungarian film drama tells the story of a pair of brothers that live in a difficult financial situation, and who, at the influence of a charismatic leader join a law enforcement organisation to step up against the ever-growing threat of criminal activity in their city. Script – Réka Divinyi, Director – Krisztina Goda, Producer – Gábor Kálomista, Produced by Megafilm, Distributor – HungariCom.

Here are dates of screening in the coming days and weeks of the two films. The ticket prices: 800HUF can be purchased on the spot.

The „Home Guards” (Veszettek) on February, 15., 18., 19., at 8 p.m.

The „Liza the Fox Fairy” (Liza, a rókatündér) on March, 13, 26. at 8 p.m.

The Atrium is one of the first Hungarian building, which was designed expressly as a movie theater. The acoustics have also been designed to be the most suitable for screening. The Atrium House in 1936, and  was handed over on 1937 on the basis of architect by Lajos Kozma. At the lower level of the seven storey building a cinema and plans to design also as to be a movie theater opened finally in 1937.

For many years it was closed, but on November, 15. 2012. it reopened and since then it has become a favorite comfy place to watch a movie or a theater play. Even not a regular option at a movie or theater, there is a Buffett where the audience may have a bite of several dishes before taking their seats.

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