The Kamchatka bears saw their shadows at the Budapest Zoo – 2016

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Upon the last day of the  3 days Bear Festival, on February 2. was the day to see at the Budapest Zoo whether the Kamchatka bears  see their shadow, meaning there will be a longer winter than expected. The Budapest Zoo’s spokesperson Zoltán Hanga welcomed the  large number of visitors, along with a clown holding a huge o’clock than rang the bell at 11  a.m. to indicated the time has come for the Kamchatka bears cave door to be opened. Adults, including many pre-school and elementary school students were curious and excited to see the two Kamchatka bears Tibor and Romulus shambling out of their cave  and  if they get spooky from their shadow.  Previously, scattered clouds shadowed the venue, but when the two of them stepped out, spots of sunshine were above, but the bears  may not have seen sharply their shadow, cause they both stayed outside.

The bears activity living in the Zoo is slightly different from their own natural wild environment, and it is very different from the widespread beliefs. Actually, the bears do not dream the winter away like hedgehogs or bats. They are less active in the wintertime, consume less food during the winter and saving energy. The bears kept in the Zoo receive the same portion of their daily meal throughout the year. They are well fed  as always. Therefore, there was no question that they will come out from their cave like on every day of the year. So, they did not have to fear from seeing their shadow. Not to mention the bears are not easily to be scared animals.

At  11 a.m. throughout Hungary the weather was completely different … some part full of sunshine, other areas  dark cloudy, some places rainy day … so on the bottom line … forehead our winter will hold on, or having in welcoming the smooth  sunny springtime … well time will tell.

One thing is certain, even though the bears weather forecasting is in practise based on averages of many years of long-term forecasting is uncertain.


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    Nature is certainly an amazing thing…..Thanks for the report

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