To Be or Not to Be!?! … Shadow at Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden – Magic Mountain

If the sun shine on February, 2. 2016

The bear sightings will take place at 11 a.m. at the Kamchatka bears runway.

District, XIV. 6-12 Zoo Ave. – Budapest

According to folk tradition on February, 2., the bear comes out of the cave after having a long winter sleep, but  if  outside there will be a nice and sunny day it will be frightend of see its shadow and off it will go back to  its cave and sleep onwards.  That will mean there will be more coming cold days as the wintertime become longer.

So if there will be … ain’t no sunshine … then means, that the winter will soon be over and the mild spring shortly will arrive.

At the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden, during January, 30- February,2.  the Bear Festival will be holding several other attractions connected to the Bears for young and elder folks.

Kids under the age of 14 may enter free of charge, but they will be asked to  make  noises to growl  or  grunts or throaty calls, but most people don’t know what a  bear actually sounds like because they’re surprisingly quiet. Anyway the children can go for a try.

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