Tangerine Movie – Xmas Eve – Premier – Hungary – 2015


Tangerine – December, 24. arrives to be screened in Hungary!

American film with Hungarian subtitles – directed by Sean Baker

Tangerine … drama … sharp style of comedy …  pop art movie … indie film shot solely on three iPhones cameras.

By the praises of the critics surrounded at the Sundance debut, was spread that they were blown away by Sean Baker’s vibrant and original transgender movie, romp through the back streets of L.A.  Also collected a fair number of nominations at the Independent Spirit Awards as Best Director, Best Feature Film, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress categories … as it was recently published. In addition to the international film competitions, within the domestic CineFest jury and the audience, the film was very much appreciated.

The basic story of Tangerine, a transgender comedy in extreme close-up, unfolds on Xmas Eve, sources of firsthand insight by Kitana Kiki Rodriguez and Mya Taylor, the two trans women of color who star as Sin-Dee and Alexandra, a pair of transgender working girls and best friends. They both are sex workers in the informal red light district of Los Angeles. The character’s emotions are strikes of colors as electricity.

Tangerine is pithy as hell and hugely entertaining from beginning to the end, but it’s also moving, partly because of what it shows of the daily struggle of its characters. Just released from prison in time for Xmas day, and the two meet up in a diner and Alexandra accidentally lets slip that Sin-Dee’s pimp boyfriend has been cheating on her … the rest is to be seen what follows on the tenacious romp through the back streets of Tinseltown.

Baker’s film takes us on a journey through the struggles and joys of marginalised trans people in American society. Crime, prostitution and drug abuse are touched on in a candid snapshot of life on the streets of Los Angeles. Baker is preoccupied with showing all the challenges of impoverished life on the streets, whilst presenting a warm portrait of female friendship.  Also taking the audience on a journey through the struggles and joys of marginalised trans people.

It is the most unconventional Xmas film to be seen this year, there’s not much tinsel here in Tinseltown, but Tangerine does leave its viewers feeling its warmth and humor long after the credits roll.

Tangerine should  … and no doubt will  … trigger a wider cultural conversation about the marginalisation of trans culture in modern cinema. Here is a teaser… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALSwWTb88ZU

 So if you think Tangerine isn’t for you, think again … this rip-roaring ride through Sunset Boulevard is surprisingly accessible..

Tangerine, comes from the colour of the L.A. sunset and is as juicy and tangy as the movie name itself.

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