Budapest is staging its own Lunch Beat Break

Orbit Lunch Beat in Budapest 2015

The beat goes on in the middle of the day and only last for 60 minutes. to unloose between your daily work and go for it. The Lunch Beat has arrived to Budapest.

It started in Sweden around the season of fall in 2010, when 14 friends decided to dance their lunch breaks away in their office garage. They called their gathering “Lunch Beat.”  More and more people are joining, popping around  at Lunch Beat places around Europe’s countries. The basic idea behind Lunch Beat is that workers take an hour break in the middle of the day to let loose in the company of fellow dance-enthusiasts.

Here in Budapest just couldn’t resist not to copy this daytime dining in flavor of daytime raves. One major thing you have to keep in mind is to not go into conversation about your job at  Orbit Lunch Beat. This will surely …  as intended to be … of forgetting about your job, so you can feel energized and inspired when you get back to your little world, your desk.

Go for it … fist-pumping, as sweat-dripping revelers, in your perfectly iron suit or  dancing in  your cute little costumes. It is really beneficial to public health as well.

You are welcomed to attended a non-nightlife  Lunch Beat starting on Thursday,September,3.2015. at 12.30 p.m where Deniz will be taking care to tap your feet at the Westend City Center B2 parking lot. Continuing at eight different venues where you can let go your spirit at eight different locations in Budapest:

On September 10,  – Juli & Zoohacker Corvin Plaza’s rooftop terrace. On September, 17. –  The New Empire Level at Dob Street  Supply House, On September,24, The Biebers  at the InstantOn. October, 1 – The Honeybeast  at the Sky Terrace of Gozsdu, October, 6,  – the Budapest Bar  at the Supply House.  October, 8. – Kallay Band Saunders at the Dorothy-Yard, while the Animal Cannibals on October 15, proves live concert at the Westend for the lunchy folks.

Having 60 minutes of lunch break is not as long than for example in France (2Hs) but now here in Budapest can experience to get into the mood at the Orbit Lunch Beat rather than having lunch at the usual place at the workplace canteen or sitting  in front your computer by your desk.

Hope this newsflash will reach many dance loving interested folks, but you are too lazy to dance … eat elsewhere.

Update by Aggie Reiter

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