Coming up … 10th FőzdeFeszt and Street Food Market 2015 – Budapest


September, 11 – 13. 2015.

Venue:   District; XIV., Felvonulási Square – Budapest … the location is within reach to the ARC poster-exhibition.

Already  it has been five years since the first Főzdefeszt, the hegemony of the industrial beer had introduced itself  among local and many foreigner tourists and foreigners living in Budapest – Hungary. Beer was always the liquid bread for many Hungarians. As years went by new, fine, smooth  beers were presented by breweries. In a wink, out from nowhere like mushrooms the breweries became more popular. The festival is arranged every year whereas we thousands of beer lover visitors come along to be up-to-date with the local beers.

This year, the visitors to the Főzdefeszt will witness a new phenomenon in Hungarian craft-beer culture. The clerical beer is on the rise! Will be ont he taps three new Hungarian clerical craft-beer identities … The Zirc Monastic Brewery the first real-life brewery opened in the basement of one of Hungary’s oldest and greatest Cistercian Monastery at Zirc. Also the St.Mauriciusz Monastery, just a few kilometers away from Zirc, and at the Bors Brewery. Introducing the Bishop of Székesfehérvár recreating a fin-de-siecle porter, Szt. István Porter at Kőbánya. It is the old home of Hungarian brewing, at one of the youngest breweries called Monyó.

There will be so many to have a sample on, just like to witness the uncanny performance of Freak Fusion Cabaret  …  a renown new-circus group  … they decided to brew a smoky lager on their own, under the name Triple Rittberger.

In-between tasting the superb  Hungarian beers, for the first time, the Főzdefeszt welcomes a couple of international breweries. Mentioning a few …  Van de Streek  – Netherlands, BrewAge – Austria and Lucky Bastrad – Czech Republic.

During the Főzdefeszt the food assortments in the name of Street Food Market will be available.

Sunday will be the day when the annual prize will be chosen for the Favourite Beer of the Year 2015 …  the Best Brewery of the Year 2015 …. also a new prize: The Best Beer Design of the Year, 2015., which from now on, will be accompanied by a nice sum of money.  To have these votes come alive be sure to give your vote to your favourite beer!

No cash, only the use of bank cards.

Free entry … For beer drinking just buy a Főzdefeszt glass for 1000HUF and/or for the Craft Master one glass: 1500HUF.

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