13th Spinoza Jewish Festival – September, 2. – 21. 2015. – Budapest


Spinoza Cafe joins the annual season of the Jewish Festival  in Budapest!

September, 2. – 21. 2015.

The Spinoza Cafe is in the heart of District, VII. 15.  Dob street.  This street is part of Hungarian and Jewish history not only because of the beautiful and old buildings.To-day a press conference was held jointly relating to the Jewish Summer Festival of Culture according to the programs to be held at the 13th  Spinoza Jewish Festival.

“This would be the Spinoza Theatre’s Bar Mitzvah? But I believe the Spinoza Theater has long reached its adulthood. Certain period of time it’s on the cultural map of Budapest! Yet the 13th Spinoza Jewish Festival can be still considered as its Bar Mitzvah. Many people visiting the Spinoza Cafe from Western Europe and the United States of America, especially interested to see the musical plays. For this reason, the leaflet catalogue is always displayed in English language ont he spot.” These were the opening words of the festival’s organiser Dr. Anna Simon. Also was said: 21 program – 6 genre – 62 artists …  have to keep in mind that mainly the programs are in Hungarian  language.

So this year the Spinoza Cafe is celebrating its 13 year in given a home in holding the Spinoza Jewish Festival. A unique venue is using its very own separate theater space with around 80 sets, where visitors can enjoy  dramas, plays, musical plays, films, lectures, concerts and not far from saying the superb humor that trigger also in the past and present.

Before or after the theater performances the audience may have at its restaurant the house’s delicous meals. The Spinoza Cafe also offers time to spend at its Cafe, Restaurant, Gallery, Winter Gardens and Theater.

Many people visit from Western Europe and the United States too, especially to see the musical plays. In the meantime below may roll through the programs:

Thursday, September , 3. 7 p.m.  – The suitcase and they – Cabaret in hell

Saturday, September, 5. 7 p.m. – Rose – monodrama

Sunday, September, 6., 7 p.m. Herzl – Coffeehouse drama (Tivadar Herzl and Max Nordau were born just a few steps away from the Spinoza Theater. The two Hungarian Jews played a decisive role in the creation of the State of Israel.  – Drama in Hungarian language!)

Monday, September, 7.,  7 p.m –  Rembrandt & Spinoza – musical

Tuesday, September,8., 7 p.m  – Yiddish World – concert

Wednesday,  September, 9., 7 p.m  -Ágnes Heller: Emotions in the Jewish Bible

Thursday, September, 10., 7 p.m  – Uzhhorod Thomas: Jews in the monarchy

Friday,September, 11., 7 p.m  – Rosh Hashana Klezmer concert

Saturday, September, 12.,  3 p.m. (!) – 2,000-year history of the Hungarian Jewry 1-2. – Video

September, Saturday, 12.,  7 p.m – A Pest girl’s diary – monodrama

Sunday, September, 13., 3 p.m. (!) – Radnóti seven times – film etude series

Monday, September, 14., 7 p.m – Lehár – musical

Tuesday, September, 15., 7 p.m – Ragged lives – musical

Wednesday, September,16., 7 p.m  – Balázs Gábor: What is Kabbalah?

Thursday, September, 17., 7 p.m  – Balázs Fellegi: Leonard Cohen and the others – concert

Friday, September, 18., 7 p.m  – Humorous Klezmer Concert

Saturday,  September, 19.,  3 p.m.(!)  – 2,000-year history of the Hungarian Jewry 3-5. Part One – film

Saturday, September, 19., 7 p.m  – Michael Des: This is not a joke!

Sunday, September, 20.,  3 p.m. (!) – Haszene, or a small Jewish wedding – musica play

Sunday, September, 20., 7 p.m – Popper – musical

Monday, September, 21., 7 p.m  – Recipient unknown – A drama by Letter

Ticket prices: Between 1000HUF and 3 000HUF – Address: District, VII., 15. Dob Street – Budapest.


Further information  at spinozahaz@spinozahaz.hu from artistic secretary – Orsolya Véner.

Update by Aggie Reiter

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