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An evening not with the Spanish eyes but with the Spanish olives!

Many may know, Spain is the world’s largest food producer and exporter of olives annually produce 500,000 tons of it. Hungary’s most important source of olives are from Spain. Around 80-85% of the olives are available in Hungary from Spain groves. The Spanish olives cannot help it, they are delicious and don’t wishnit saying a word they are very healthy – just 150 grams of olives hold 100 calories, a popular snack would only roll up to 450-550 calories.

Whether it’s the rush or the hush, the sun, the sea, breathtaking mountains, the friendly people, the colorful Fiesta, the stunning flamenco or the variety of the fine tapas, there is no doubt that  the Spanish gastronomic values ​​at stake has an enviable reputation.  Most probably they have the key to have opened the door to their success of purely natural ingredients, as it is true of the world-famous delicious, nutritious within the varied olives.

In Spain the olive is much more than just a part of a fruit. It stands in the central of the Spanish Mediterranean lifestyle. According to tradition, the Spanish olive symbolize the peace and wisdom. The sense of Mediterranean tempting delicacies floating in the air-filled the entire place and there were huge bowls of black and green olives with many-many spices and ingredients from Spain to add that extra touch for every taste was placed where ever you looked on neat tables.

The autumn has surely entered our geographic area when the opening evening at the La Plaza Restaurant greeting the invited guests and celebrities.  Spain brought the heart to Budapest! The purpose of the gathering was to announce the winner of the recently closed competition of Authentic southern Fiesta, where the Spanish olives were as the main role and as to announce the recently ended competition of the winner of winner of the highly successful recipe at the Facebook.

The winner of the practical set-up went out to Ms. Monika Merchant Kövérné, a blog writer who especially targets kids tummy delights especially with her Spanish fish salad. One of the evening’s highlights came by with the sweety specialties. The unique deserts with olive oil, including ice cream and the surprises didn’t end here, the special Spanish jelly desserts prepared by the Spanish chef Mr. Ruben, was out to be tasted by the invited guests.

Qualified and enthusiastic amateurs “gasztro gurus” named the best meals of olives which went through for week-after-week in the field of competition. Ms. Szofia Mautner … Chili and Vanilla, Ms. Eszter Bodrogi … Spice and Spirit, Ms. Dóra Havas … the Purple Figs, Mr. Adam Bálint … Spoon 1 2 3, and Prime. These World Eater bloggers tasted each-and-every “creation” and jointly decided who turns up to be announced at the best taste and formation of the Spanish Olives competition. The first stand went out to Ms. Anna Gorodecka‘s  with her plate of olives in braised wine which was the most spectacular not for just the eyes but the taste was heavenly,said the jury.

It was pretty hard to decided which on looks and taste the best but at the end the final countdown came between two lucky competitors, to picked the Spanish olives on the groves while spending  a week-end in  Andalusian. The announcement was made by the host of the evening, Mr. Szlárd Sági, the gastro maniac. He also announced that this year in the month of October it will the “month of olives” at Budapest’s finest restaurants: La Plaza, Five Garden Pest Pig, Hemingway, California, Divine, Bock, and the TG. Well it seems like the gourmet eaters will surely have doors wide open to enjoy bits-and-pieces of the fine olives from Spain.

Update and snaps Aggie Reiter

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