Hearld News: “The Rising Sun” country coming to the City of Gyula – Hungary – 2015.

City of Gyula welcomes the Japan Day in the historic spa town for the second time!

Date: Tuesday, July, 7. 2015.

Location: Gyula Vigadó  –  35. Béke Street

Free admission!

Japanese Day at Gyula whereas Koszuge Dzsunicsi – Japanese Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Hungary will visit the event. The delegation will be welcomed during the noon hours by Dr. Ernő Görgényi – Major of Gyula at the City Hall. During his stay on same day starting at 4 p.m. the city of Gyula with the Embassador will open the Japan Day.

The Japan programs for day …The national festival is contributing exhibitions, performances, in order to make Japanese culture more familiar to the Hungarian citizens.  At 4 p.m. Presentation by Dr. Judith Vihar  “Meeting love” … 4.30 p.m. Uchikawa Kazumi -Hungarian children’s books … 5 p.m. András Trom former MTI reporter in Tokyo … 6 p.m. Japan’s premiere sports – kendo, karate. … 7 p.m. Kiyo-Kito Taiko drum concert … 7.40 p.m.  Pernahajder Campbell Orchester. Additional programs: Exhibition, origami endless possibilities, Sushi-making. Even on the spot can be tasted the original sushi dedicates. This is again an event of historical importance, which is now held City of Gyula upon the relationship over the two decades between the two nation taking place based on international level. One of the major connection was in  2002 when the Japanese imperial couple’s visit to Hungary. Was another prove of joint connection in the case when the Japanese Crown Prince couple arrived to Hungary on the occasion in joint connection over 140 years and the 50th anniversary in 2009. On this occasion the sister organization presented as a gift for Budapest with decorated lights on the Elisabeth Bridge (Erzsébet-Hid), also within the same year a joint stamp was issued by both countries. The Japan–Hungary Friendship Association. The joint „Friendship Cultural Festival” event is organized every four years to demonstrate traditions and ways of Hungarian culture in Japan, or vice versa to bring achievements of Japanese culture closer to the Hungarian public respectively. The Hungary–Japan Friendship Society (HJFS) was established in Budapest in 1987 with the intention of  disseminating the traditions and values of Japanese culture and present an authentic picture on Japan on the grass-root level in Hungary. The initiation was taken by a handful of enthusiastic founders, and since then we have registered hundreds of members, who have a deep interest and respect for Japanese culture, ways of life and traditions. The event is sponsored by: Békés County Government Office, Gyula Municipality, Gyulai Cultural and Event Management Office, Gyula Castle Bath, DIG-BUILD LTD.

Update by Aggie Reiter

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