Biggest Carpet of Flowers in Budapest – 2015


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TO-DAY …. the intention is to draw the attention to the Hungarian women!

At one of the most spectacular venues on the 15th of March Square – Budapest.

A bed of 40,000 flowers greet the Hungarian women on May 24 on Sunday.

The flower carpet was open at 11 a.m. to the public whereas the country’s biggest takeaway was support by Danone Activia to raise awareness of women’s everyday  correct position. The reason why? … because the recognition and attention should not only be on Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day and on Mother’s Day due to them. With this unusual creations the Activia would like to draw the attention to the women’s daily activities.

Many times we take it for granted that as a mother, as a friend, companion or a colleague these women are on their side, which is the extraordinary performance and with this carpet of flowers the organizers wished to draw the attention and express  the diversity of women.

The extraordinary 1000 square meter carpet of flowers only for just  one day  on Sunday can be seen. Throughout the day, until late evening, the flower carpet is distributed to visitors on the site  and  hopefully by then many of these flowers will be placed at home and filled in vases or in the lady’s garden and balcony boxes.

Tamás Gulyás –  well-known as the “Flower Carnival” sculptor  led … worked, with 50 people for 12Hs from last night to make this flower carpet alive this morning.

It is still not too late to visit the square and be out to enjoy the warmth ray of the sun and relax at the beautiful environment. 

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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