Herald News … “Red Army Choir” coming to Hungary – 2015.

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Even though we are ahead to Season of Summer in Hungary, a good news is never too early! In September a sensational performances will be coming up with the presentation of the “Red Army Choir” – Russian Federation Ministry of Interior to hold concerts and folk dance in several Hungarian cities. The Russian Federation Ministry of Interior ensemble is of professional artists.

There will be Kalinka, Katyusha, Moscow nights and Partisan song as well. At these series of concert the invited guest Vásáry André will perform, who was chosen from among several European singers to be in their production.

Here are the dates to mark at the Calendar:

On September, 17. 2015., – 7 p.m. in the Veszprém Arena at Veszprém.

On September, 18. 2015., – 7 p.m. in the Audi Arena at Győr.

On September, 19. 2015., – 7 p.m. in the Papp László Budapest Sport Arena at Budapest.

On September, 20. 2015., – 7 p.m. in the Miskolc Generali Arena at Miskolc.

The Red Army ensemble was founded in 1939 and at the time being,  the  Red Army was to raise the morale of the tired, exhausted army. Current director and conductor Viktor Eliseev co-directs professional work with the ensemble since 1985. The extremely powerful, classical dancers and an acrobatic technique show will be most probably admired by the audience. The roots of the Russian folk, army and navy dances will not be missing in their presentations. They already toured to all the continents. Held shows and concert over 7000 occasion in front of 20 million people. For many already known but those sitting in the audience for the time will be able to see the real world-renowned Cossack dances.

The Red Army Ensemble previously played together with a number of major international superstars among them with Celine Dion.  They were the guests performers in 1980 to open the Moscow Olympic Games and in 2014  the Sochi Winter Olympic Games.

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