Rio Club supporting Hungary’s sport heroes to reap victory in Rio 2016 Summer Games.

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Officially was announced to-day at the Larus Restaurant and Event Center – Budapest to be supporting the Hungarian sports heroes by the  Rio Club – Hungary.  The Rio Club offered 32 future’s emerging sporty individuals and competitors already proved in their sport life to be in supporting them.

Through the Rio Club those athletes will be given support, co-helping them in preparing the time ahead who are expected to be representing Hungary at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

The chosen first five athletes were Miklós Dudás – kayaker, Miklós Ungvári and Abigél Joó both judo competitors, Emese Szász – fencing and Renáta Tobai-Sike – shooter who all  were handed over  the emblem  Audi A3  made car from their special supporter.

At the ceremonial event Bence Szabó – Secretary General of the Hungarian Olympic Committee (MOB) recalled that prior to the Sydney Games was the first occasion the athletes received cars for personally use.

The General Secretary added, since Sydney can see the progress in this field, because in those days the selected athletics received a Fiat made vehicle and to-day the elected young athletics received an Audi made vehicle.

The athletics were selected by Laszló Fábián – MOB sports director and Zsolt Gyulai – member of the MOB Board, and Tamás Tóth – President of the Rio Club Hungary and other members of the MOB consisting of Board of Trustees, which supervises the selection of contestants. Tamás Tóth talked about this year handing over further 32 cars and wish to provide additional opportunities for athletes, mentioning as one example to provide them with mobile phones.

István Csonka – sales and chief marketing officer highlighted that the Groupama Garancia Co. is supporting, standing behind the Rio Club because their goal is to support the healthy lifestyle and the domestic sports life. Also added he wish to draw the intention to the private partners the importance of sport activities.

Sándor Mátrabérc – Audi brand director emphasized that the Porsche Hungária Ltd., and the Audi Brand  signed an agreement with the MOB three years ago and now extends to hand over cars. More to it,  it is important that these cars are manufactured in the City of Győr – Hungary, and by this Hungarian automotive helping Hungary’s athletes. Other supporters: Adidas and Tensi Sport and Holiday.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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