Gary Moore will always be remembered at the Rock Museum in Budapest.

 Gary Moore and guess who in Budapest before heading to Alsóőrs at the Harley Davidson Happinging

Opening exhibition … on the date of his birthday.

April, 4. – May, 3. 2015.

District, XIII., 23 Kárpát  (Carpathian) Street – Budapest.

The exhibition can be visited on weekdays and also on Saturdays and Sundays.

Open: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. – Entry fee: 1000HUF

“Gary Moore” – Robert William Gary Moore was born April, 4, 1952 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.He began his musical career at the age of sixteen with the Irish band – Skid Row, in the time being a head band and where he met his friend Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy, whom participated in Nightlife and Black Rose Plates –  A Rock Legend. At the end of the seventies seriously turned to his solo career, releasing several albums of blues-based rock, hard rock and heavy metal. In the eighties, thanks to the album „Victims of the Future”, „Run for cover”, „Wild Frontier” and after the war in Ireland achieved worldwide recognition by performing well on the charts and selling markets as well.

The superb guitarist, singer, songwriter  for thousands of fans had to realize he went ahead on February, 6. 2011. He was over four decades our figure in  the meaning of blues and rock, a brilliant musician in our generation.

Gary Moore is known to most of us as to have had highly successful solo career, but he also very much enjoyed playing with B.B.King, Keith Emerson, Paul Rogers, John Mayall  and many others king musicians of  his generation.

On April, 3., will be held on he A38 ship for the 4th occasion the International Gary Moore Tribute Concert remembering the awesome guitarist. The rock and blues admirers can go to a real rock concert in remembrance to his memory and enjoy his timeless songs, his unique and fantastic solos.

On April, 4.,  the date of Gary’s birthday will open at the Rock Museum  a temporary exhibition. Rolling along the corridors at the exhibition rare record and  other publications, snaps and certainly related to his personal collections, rare memorable can be seen. In deed the most comprehensive collection of Europe assembled.

As an admire …the snap was taken at the press conference in Budapest, previously attending to the International Harley Davidson Festival at Alsóőrs – Hungary in 2008.


Update and snap by Aggie Reiter

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