Flashnews … Nearly 200 image calling to the Budapest Park – 2015.


The Budapest Park is sending a message with the well-known faces of musicians and artists!

Anybody crossing, passing by on their way to-and-from work or just sightseeing, getting on at the Deák Square’s underground station can see these posters and also at the busy roads of Budapest, Nearly 200  image of posters, prints is to bring the attention to Europe’s largest open-air disco event to be held at the Budapest Park. On these posters image of Magdi Rúzsa, András Lovasi, Sena, Irie Maffia, Máté (Matthew) and Wolfie from the Punanny, Robi Bérczesi from the Hiperkarma, Fluor and Diaz from the WellHello greets  and welcome the walking by folks with a line from their songs lyrics. Not only these artists will show up and perform at the Budapest Park,  many other Hungarian well-known artist and musicians will fill the Budapest Park this summer.

The five months programs start off from Thursday, April, 23. This year it will be the fourth season to enjoy the music life at the open-air Budapest Park. At this year’s lineup will be not only on stage the cream of the Hungarian music life,  but promising to roll up a bunch of  international stars as well. Budapest Park will be bringing a variety of genres to  the “multi-cultural great festival”.

On the event days the programs start from 5 p.m. till dawn.  Venue: District IX., 60 Soroksári Road. Budapest.

Entry age limit is 18!

Minors entry will be allowed with their parent into the Budapest Park.

Ticket are already on sale on the spot from 1 p.m.- 8 p.m. Soon to be available on net ticket office.

Update by Aggie Reiter

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