José Cura … Andrea Mahó … Hungarian Studio Orchestra … Unique Concert … Budapest

Snap by: Likemagazin

Snap by: Likemagazin

José Cura … Andrea Mahó … Hungarian Studio Orchestra … Unique Concert … Budapest

Just in brief for those to refresh the background of José Cura … he is not your average opera singer. He has a black belt in Kung-fu and is a body builder. Cura is an actor who sings, and not a singer who pretends to act that’s for sure. Born into a music-friendly family, José Cura plays six different instruments. Cura first studied guitar with Juan di Lorenzo. At the age of 15, Cura made his debut as a choral conductor. A year later he began studying composition with Carlos Castro and piano with Zulma Cabrera. In 1982, Cura began studies at the School of Arts of the National University of Rosario to develop his conducting and composition. In 1983 he became assistant conductor for the University choir.  The choirmaster … also head of the conservatory … heard Mr. Cura vocalizing jazz improvised during a rehearsal and convinced him to begin studying voice.

Cura’s first public operatic performance was singing ‘E lucevan le stelle’ … after five voice lessons! … and from there the door was open for him into the world of opera.

Cura the world-famous Argentine opera singer has charmed the audience several times given in the previous years concerts in Budapest and now he will make it happen again to bring new and previously participated audience to the forthcoming concert  on Saturday, February, 21.2015. 7.30 p.m. at the Papp László Budapest Sports Arena with the non less famous female vocalist, the Hungarian Andrea Mahó performing on stage together with the fantastic music provided by Hungarian Studio Orchestra. 

Mahó Andrea, since the beginning of her career, steady success has increased, became well-known, respected singer in Hungary. Her voice, personality, sophisticated style and stage presence dominant experience to her fans.

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