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Take a ride to the land of culinary experience at the Foie Gras Festival.

Friday, September, 5. until Sunday, September, 7.  2014.

District, V. Erzsébet (Elisabeth) Square – Downtown area in Budapest

The  Erzsébet Square opened its doors in marking the 6th  Foie Gras  Festival. Even though goose meals have an old tradition in the Hungarian gastronomy more than a hundreds of years, yet must admit ain’t a common meal during  weekdays. One of the festival’s goal was to invite as many families and tourist and foreigners staying in Budapest  to the festival as to have the opportunity with affordable prices to enjoy, have the experience of these unique taste of the goose meals and to benefit from these culinary delights.

Probably many will pull  up their eyebrows hearing there will be daily  several times the  Geese Olympics Games … yes that’s right! So be present as an observer or take part in herding geese  at the Hilarious Geese Olympics.

This year the Festival exhibition will be even more colorful tha in the previous years for example  … goose crackling bon-bon, home-smoked goose sausage, blueberry camembert ice cream, Tokaji Aszú ice cream specialties, locations goose cracklings, truffle and garlic pan-fried goose liver pate, Tokay Aszú pate, freshly baked bread, Dozens of  ADA natural jams and fruit juice without any ingredients  by Katalin Török,  dark and light millet beer, cow’s milk cheese  and goat cheeses by Estate Mirca Nárcisz cheese maker from Debrecen, superb wines from several wine regions in Hungary and naturally pálinka, especially, the Nobilis Palinka will not be missing.

For three days housewives and all who wish to obtain a good meal  may see by their own two eyes and hear the tricks and the secrets in perpetrating a really tasty goose  feast.

One thing was really missing at  Foie Gras festival that would have brought much more attention to the tourist walking by the venue … not knowing what is inside the entry gate! That would have been a poster on a notice board  at the ticket box with at least a goose picture showing about what kind of event is on the other side of the gate.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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