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II. Spring Kvaterka – Esterhazy Champagne Factory – Tata

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You probably know this  or similar saying in other countries … The shortest way between two people, beside a smile, goes via a glass of mouth-watering wine!

A super event was organized side-by-side with the wine makers of the Neszmély wine region, not at the region but on a route at the Estehazy Champagne Factory   – Tata-Tóvároskert. The Neszmély wine region is situated in the hillsides south of the River Danube, in the north of Transdanubia. about 40-65 kms from Budapest depending which winery to be visited. keeping in mind the relatively small wine region there are four women to bear the wine knighthood title. This was told proudly by one of the male wine knight from the region.

The wine makers present themselves as their mission to regain the world renown of the Neszmély wines and to promote the cultivated wine consumption. Proudly said by a male wine knight, that in their region there are  four ladies who hold the wine knighthood title.

The Esterhazy Champagne Factory  unique industrial, artistic and cultural monuments. The Region has many options why to hop over, get to know, take a route to the wine cellars of the Neszmély. The building complex was built-in the 1770 and located on the edge of the English Park of Tata. In its high-light time, it was an integral part of the Esterhazy Manor of Tata, with a 1500 square meter cellar system, a 500 square meter ballroom with a height of 10 meters and a 3-storey roof structure used for grain storage.

All on the spot said they are keeping the traditional values,… The wine makers all by one said their mission is to regain the world renown of the Neszmély wines and to promote the cultivated wine consumption. Not full list of wineries: Hilltop – Ákos Kamocsay who was awarded in 1999 as its wine of year in Hungary … Also  gain wine awards: : Les Citadelles du Vin, Bordeaux – Gold Medal, Hungary Special Prize. VinAgora International Wine Competition – Gold Medal, VinoFed Special Prize. Magyar Bormustra (XXXVI. National and Carpathian Basin Wine Competition) – Gold Medal. Mun-Dus International Wine Competition – Gold Medal.  Csaba Bősze – Cellar,  Stróbel – wine house, Szőllősi Winery – wine house, Gottwald –  wine cellar, winemaker, Deák Cellar, Wéber Family Winery, Kostel – wine house, Szőllősi – Winery – Mihály Szőllősi was the wine maker of the year in 2015, Kőszklás –  winemaker, Horváth Family – Winery, Gelbmann Cellar, last but not least mentioning the Nyitnikék wine cellar  Two wine-loving professionals, Attila Anderla and István Szabó founded the Open-air Winery on the hillside. Both were raised in the historic Neszmély wine region. Agriculture has been an integral part of both of them since childhood. The commitment to agriculture and the love of nature after years, re-interconnected them after college and university studies. Choosing the winery’s name also shows the love of nature and traditions. Their cellar is at the foot of the Vértes at the Baj vineyard. The inspiration of the Nyitnikék singing birds living there inspired them when the name was chosen. Their Cabernet Sauvignon Rose in 2017 won the golden award.

Szívek –  winery –  3 brothers:  György Szívek, Gyula Szívek, Péter Szívek, the winery is a small, family owned venture and are keeping traditional values and been dealing with viniculture and wine production for generations. with wine-press with a wooden beam from 1867 is still operating – this is the special, unique feature of their wine cellar. The Szívek wine makers aim to present the complexity and richness of the region where their wines are produced. The knowledge and experience of their father live in them.

Stróbel – wine house – Feri and Márti Stróbl  – Baj, Szőlőhegy, nearly 200 years old cellar. The white and rosé wines are made by species yeast inoculation, directed fermentation, reductive technology. The red wines are fermented with blue grapes and stuffed in aces.

As part of the Neszmély wine region, the Petőcz Cottage at Aszár provides accommodation, wine tasting, fishing, hunting, horseback riding biking, furnace cooking, baking and cooking can be found all in one place.

Tasting wines included flavors of Chardonnay, Green Veltelini, Olsai Irsai, Chersegi spices, Tramini, Otton Muscat, Sauvignon Blanc, Rhine Riesling, Kékfrankos, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Rosemary. The red wines are not really typical at this countryside, yet  a couple of winemakers brought to the venue  to taste and were pretty popular to the visitors.

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Winecellar of the Year Award 2014.

Last Thursday took place award ceremony at Borota. Holding this year’s Winecellar of the Year Award was the winecellar at  Hajós-Baja  where the winemaker is  Csaba Koch. The award was handed over jointly by the representatives of the National Council of Wine Communities, the Hungarian Wine Academy and the Association of Hungarian Grape and Wine Producers. The awards were based upon the nominations and the votes given by the professional circles. The second-place of this year’s winery award was  given to the “Frittmann” winecellar , and the third best winecellar title was award by receiving a diploma to the “Béres” Winery.

Background  and  a little history of the winery in a few words about the winemaker of the year 2014. : elder…elder…elder József Koch arrived to Hajós in 1742 and settled down at Császártöltés in 1744. He was one of the 13 founding families at the settlement. He was the very first merchant in the settlement and started the viticulture here that has been passed down for 13 generations.  Thanks to the family heritage and the hard work of his great…great…great … grandfathers in the vintage, it was more than natural  for József Koch born in 1969 to continue the family’s tradition, which this year brought him and his team the award  to be recognised as the Winecellar of the Year 2014.

The Winecellar of the Year awards are given each year  since 2002.  Those wineries  reach the recognition to the title of “The Year’s Winecellar”  which are at home and abroad representing the Hungarian wines, furthermore did the most  in the given year in widespreading the wine culture and the civilized popularization of wine consumption.

Previous years prize winner winecellaries:

2013 “Icon” Winecellar  – Balatonboglár

2012 “Mészáros”  Winecellar – Szekszárd

2011 “Thummerer” Winecellar  – Eger

2010 Pannonhalma Abbey  Winecellar  – Pannonhalma-Sokoróalja

2009 “Szöllősi”  Winecellar   – Ászár-Neszmélyi

2008 Vylyan Ltd. – Villány

2007 “Bock”  Winecellar  – Villány

2006 “Garamvári”  Winecellar   – Etyek-Buda and South Balaton Wine Region

2005  “Disznókő”   Winecellar – Tokaj

2004 “Neszmély” Hilltop Wine Co. – Ászár-Neszmélyi

2003 “Oremus”  Winecellar – Tokaj

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