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Hard to say a one day trip would be enough to feel, to see, have the experience to hit all the facilities at the Hot Mineral Spa’s in the  City of  Gyula. Anyway giving a try to recommend to go and have own experiences!

BathOne … The Castello Bath with its so-called beaches and the Castello Wellness and Sauna Park and the Beauty Massage Salon, the  „Tamás Szécsy’s” swimming pool  which is one of the best-known pools in the region  of  the Southern Great Plain, whereas the place often holds swimming championships, for many a land of paradise.  

BathTwo … the Castle Bath with its 25-meters  pool has services of  European standards.  Has a total of 18 pools. Giving a feeling by-the-Sea with one of  Hungary’s most modern wave pool. Naturally, being an outdoor pool,. it is operating only in the summertime. During the season the rush is high as the iron bell rings  just as  the bells ring for the rushing out from the Ocean, when the life savers spot a shark splashing towards the beach. Here no sharks,  the  bell calls goes as invitation to splash into the superb high wave pool. 

BathThree … is the newly established, soon to be open  December, 22. the Aqua Palace – the wonderland of adventures!

A new chapter in the land of spars at the city of Gyula, distinguished guests arrived to participate  at the ceremony on  Wednesday, December 18 to the official opening of the Aqua Palace, whereas Dr. Ernő Görgényi mayor of the City of Gyula welcomed the invited guests at the hall-room of the Castle Bath. The ceremonial ribbon-cutting was a joint “adventure” by Dr. Ernő Görgényi mayor,  Mr. Nándor Csepreghy – Prime Minister’s deputy secretary, Mr. Zoltán Farkas – Békés County Assembly’s President, Dr. Jozsef Kovács and Mr. Róbert Gajda – parliamentary deputies, Mr. Attila Laszló Boros – Managing Director, Mr. Norbert Erdős – government agent. Also present where representatives of  parliamentary of the county, local government bodies and institutions, county and city leaders and representatives of the judiciary, mayors and last but not least representatives from the tourism sector were all present. After the presentations came the adventure time … We were taken on a tour showing  an insight of the facilities that the Aqua Palace holds for the forthcoming visitors.

The Aqua Palace complex of adventures is unique by itself in Hungary.

The Castle Bath Spa in the Southern Great Plain region has been one of its own in the tradition of nature’s gift of mineral hot spas. In order to be competitiveness in the domestic and international tourism market, this is only one beside others of Gyula city’s biggest tourist attraction. The Castle Spa successfully applied support from the New Széchenyi Plan, Southern Great Plain Operational Program, and thanks to the total of 1,198.719.000 HUF per EU support,  the City of Gyula had established  the Aqua Palace, a new indoor complex to its other two sisters baths.

Aqua Palace has been long-awaited for the lovers of water adventures and eventually it “arrived”.!  During the presentation it was  announced, the Aqua Palace’s gate to be  finally wide open  from Sunday, December, 22, just 2 days before Xmas. The Aqua Palace is a special gift from the city of Gyula and welcomes local residents and visitors from  far-and-close regions, foreigners working, residing in Hungary. The Aqua Palace is equipped with the most modern facilities, as its name stands “Palace”  … worthy for the best.  From now on, come-rain-come-shine,  high winds may blow, snow storms outside, crushing heat wave, melting from the scorching sun rays,  the Aqua Palace serves their visitors, families with their babies, teenagers, young adults and of course all age individuals who are seekers for adventures full year-round  and  of course who arrive not primarily due to visit the mineral spa water baths. The Aqua Place is truly a family friendly  bath in every sence, has what it takes to pamper the guests. A side from the pools there are playgrounds for little kindergarten aged kids and teenagers. There is also Mother-Baby room to rest, changing diapers etc. To ease the thirst, needn’t have to leave the pool, just a few swoops and there you are at the Water Bar.

The basic area of the new complex is ​​6,338 square meters with  894  square meters of water surface, the new pool will consist of five baths. The Castle Bath, buildings of development involved, is fully wheelchair accessible. It is the country’s “Greenest Spa”,  cost-effective and environmentally responsible for the operation of the heat energy which is mainly covered from the 1,500-meters-deep thermal heat recovery. The natural gas-based heating is only needed, as a supplement during the winter months. In addition, heat recovery ventilation and thermal water is used in daily amount of heat recovery, equipped with heat pump system to serve the environmental and economic sustainability.

Visitors who have at least once visited Gyula already  have knowledge the City of Gyula  as a land for centuries in having  nature’s  gift, the medical hot water temperature  bursting  from depth of 2000 meters of 72°C degrees. A superb place  to relax and recharge yourself, bathing with passion and enjoying the careless wealth,  relaxing in the warmth pools of paradise No wonder the city takes it as an award of nature and build its facilities to comfort the locals, foreigner well-being. Here is an environment  to unwind  themselves 365-days of the Year. The baths and spa’s are not only for individuals with locomotor diseases. chronic nerve pains, nor for post-treatment cause by accident or operation.

The Gyula Castle Bath is situated in the 8.5 hectare park. This qualified medical facility is an ideal place to unwind in every season and our guests can pursue the passion in bathing at an environment that is unique throughout the country.The Castle Bath boasts with a water surface of 5,000 square meters and a has total of 18 pools. In connection with the project, 96 new parking area was built.

The Owner of the Aqua Palace is by 93.25%  the Municipality of Gyula.  The Hungarian Government  owns: 2.69% of the complex. Granted aid was 1,198,719,000 HUF. Overall project cost was:  2,397,439,161 HUF. The support ratio: 49.99%.

Visiting these 3 extraordinary awesome spas is having an experience in health care, sporty activities or enjoying the adventures, All-IN-ONE!

Not to gain elsewhere a similar experience at any other  area in Hungary  in size,  selection of  facilities and most of all the natural mineral hot spa  than at the City of Gyula !

Update ans snaps by Aggie Reiter

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