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Gyula is a “Waterville”  in the south eastern part of the White Cris in Hungary.

 … Heals your Mind, Body and  Soul in every sence …

There are many energy lines of the Earth in Hungary.  Find it out at Gyula and use this power to ease yourself with the city’s  famous Baths which is now with the lately opened  Aqua Place is considered as  largest bath complex in Hungary. Thermal spa waters has a long history in Hungary. The ancient Romans had a very developed bath culture in Hungary more than 2000 years ago. They highly valued the healing effects of Hungarian thermal waters. In the 16th century, the Turks also discovered the healing effects and were fond of  the thermal waters.

Explore Gyula as the destination for combining healing, relaxation and adventure by staying at the Elizabeth 4 star Superior Hotel… You may have a Q in mind … Why me !?! … Here are some clues…

The atmosphere and service of a luxury hotel whether on a business route, join a seminar, attending a conference, participating  at training or simply spending a short stay, visiting Gyula is one of the best of chose  to stay at the Elizabeth Hotel  be at a noble ancestry, spiced with modern luxury.  Within reach, a short walk lays the Gothic style historical Castle of Gyula, which can be also viewed from your room’s window, from  the lounge, bar, terrace and the Almássy restaurant. So eating brekky by the view at the 15th Century Castle is not a usual site, hoping I am not on my own saying this.  Nowhere else in the country can be found such a treat  by mother nature as the  famous Castle Baths, the Castello pool and the newly opened land of „Paradise” as the Aqua Palace.

The Elizabeth hotel was built-in 1905 as a private mansion of the Almássy-family another wing was attached to the building in 1934. This wing functioned as the Elizabeth Orphanage, which according to unwritten tradition was named after Sisi – Queen Elizabeth, (Empress of Austria, Queen of Hungary, wife of Franz Joseph) who was a regular guest of the Almássy-family. The hotel pays tribute to her loving memory. The building was remodeled in 2010 on the basis of the plans, designs of the owners, husband and wife, both architects on having to have the building kept  in manner of its historic monument.  The Elizabeth hotel offer a wide range of wellness services to indulge yourself and find the harmony of your body and soul. Guest arriving to the Elizabeth Hotel are not only Hungarians. A wide scale of guest arrive from the neighbouring countries and from Central Europe. The hotel’s staff has good English and German language skills. The culinary delights at the hotel’s „Almásy” restaurant  is well-known by locals and foreigners who have had even once visited the city Gyula. The Elizabeth hotel offers visitors 50 luxurious rooms and the Elizabeth suite. The  240 square meters terrace and a garden provides an excellent opportunity to arrange open air events. The Almássy  restaurant is a cosy place in organizing weddings as well.

Some of the hotel’s features  … free parking, partly accessibility features,  indoor pool , roof terrace, restaurant and bar, lounge, sauna, swimming pool, steam bath, message room also massage service in room, by request  hypoallergenic bedding available, cable channels,  room service, luggage storage, tours … ticket assistance, Limo or Town Car service. Conference rooms available for 100 individuals and meeting room for small groups. Have a wish to spend time outdoor …  nearby is bike,  fishing,  horse riding, mountain biking rentals opportunities.

The medical effects of Hungarian thermal waters are unique in the world. The spas, thermal pools, leisure pools and baths at Gyula offers some kind of family fun… BUT needn’t have to rush upon arrival to Gyula’s well-known mineral spas, cause the hotel’s enviroment  is cool and quiet, beautifully „composed” own wellness center for those business travelers staying for an overnight or a short time may also soak, splash, swim, relax, have a fine rest on the spot, which is a perfect  place  away from away from the hustle and bustle life that major cities traps us to prevent us from loosing up. Here nothing else can come in between to unloose, recharge  from a tiring week. before deciding to head, to explore, take the plunge at the biggest indoor and outdoor „Waterville” at Gyula. The Elizabeth Hotel is more than just a stop-by hotel. It will attract those seeking elegance during their rest.  Conference and seminar halls are regularly occupied. Hungary is one of the flagship countries of European medical tourism. It is a well-known fact that Hungary has one of the most demanding medical and dental educations in the world.  The doctors in order to continue to be able to practice,  must fulfil the requirement of an average of 50 hours of further education each year … twice as many hours as in most Western countries.

Medical training in Hungary is world-class. The local dentist’s are working by the European standard  since Hungary joined the European Union. The  medical tourism has become more varied and more international. The success story began in the  early 80s, when Hungary was a popular destination for German and Austrian patients seeking top-quality dentistry and dental prosthetic services of Swiss standards. Gyula also has the highly admitted, qualified professionals medical cares, excellent dentist, who also enjoy the classy elegance at the Elisabeth Hotel whereas they hold  their annual international conference, seminars, exchanging experiences with other dentists arriving from European  countries. The dentist tourism slowly but surely is growing at Gyula. Thus you can rest assured that a good standard of English is spoken at all private clinics.

Also Gyula is an awesome place and hosted several occasion the groups of  hunters, who regularly stayed at the Elizabeth Hotel and from there hit the road, woods, forests lingering over to Transylvania to fulfil their hobby. Family members of the Habsburg dynasty have had frequently  stayed at the hotel.

Worthwhile to think it over for those tourist staying, foreigners working in Hungary to drop over to Gyula and hit two birds with one stone by enjoying, having a splendid time to by relaxing, enjoying  the recreational opportunities along with the experience of the unique hospitality of the Elizabeth Hotel.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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