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All superstition was put aside on Friday, December the 13th at the BigFoot Pub, whereas a presentation was held at the newly opened brewery’s theater hall by the owner Gyula Branda,The guests tasted unique  the distillery assortment, the so-called “liquid bread”. The beer lovers already had a chance to drink the local beer for the past three weeks. We had also a chance to  find out what good beer means and taste… as the locals say: “There is always good beer for everyone!” A large number of beer thirsty journalist presence were greeted by András Piko, presenter, here the questioner seated beside the Alcatraz Porter made ​​Vanilla Crack. István Vasarhelyi, beer blogger  and  Dani Bartl, as beer friends of him know him, the beer guru  and of course, Gyula Branda, the Bigfoot creator, plant manager, and  Zsolt Gyenge his brother.

Was impressed by watching the Hungarian explosion of beer developments, and seeing the myriad of new craft beers and the development of numerously growing  pubs they felt the need  to produce, present their own reliable brewery with good quality beer. The recognised the new, 21st century’s beer culture beginning highly to emerge in  Budapest and throughout the country. So we thought we can not stay out of the beer rolling boat. Therefore, in 2013 we began to work to establish a new brewery to meet our ever-increasing thirst.

This was out first step in giving a birth and presenting their BigFoot Brewery. This year in November they stepped out of the limelight.  Many may have several ideas where and why the name BigFoot came from.  Actually, thought it had something to do with  BigFoot sending smoke-signs to EagleEye … but the truth was soon to be found out. It came from Branda’s size of his foot, namely, measured in 51 centimeters.

The distillery is operating in Pest county at Domony town. The Hungarian brewery  is overwhelming unanimous and will not produce the dominant, traditional  German lager beer. Therefore, cooked only top-fermented beers, which offers much more opt. to spread the brewer’s creativity having space of the variations in the game of producing exciting flavors. In the world to-day, most of the beer lovers .. they as well … have an image of the top-fermented beers …  the American, British and Belgian cool flavors, but secretly they are convinced that if they will perform well enough in their mission, then it will  probably become more ancient, more authentic, more honest brewing to explore their own style and taste by the Hungarian beer drinkers.  The Bigfoot  brand has a characteristic flavor, disarmingly tasty and delicious, as   said their top-fermented beers are  familiar and friendly.

Mr. Zsolt Gyenge, Head of management and professional guide said: Quote: ” We don’t overload the hops, no intention to break any records, nor striking with shocking specialties. We have other goals in mind as to set ourselves to always do a good beer for everyone!”

Probably by now most readers got pretty much thirsty, but only can hand over in words the selection of the awesome BIGFOOT brewery’s beer … but before getting into the names of the beers, here in brief  the background … The beers have a selection of gangster names, well-known situations of the early 20s, when the new law of not to produce alcohol hit America. So during the ban the American gangster world was founded. Among other „happenings” Al Capone, the leader of the world’s most notorious gangster became rich and powerful. This period brought … as side effect … on screen Multiple Oscar-winning films,  showing the American prohibition contexts. The Some Like It Hot (1959) and The Untouchables (1987) are two classics of  the Prohibition and the gangster world adversity.

Now here comes the Hungarian BigFoot Beers:

…Brand Ale … Refreshing drink malt-driven, a super friendly filtered beer. 4.5% alcohol content provides an excellent opportunity as a medium to consume large quantities as well.

… Gray balloon, stubble, AK-47 and a light beer, so all gangster begins …

Silver Street … Light wheat beers. The Weihenstephan pure culture yeast model is that the body of the world’s best known. A wheat beer yeast beside the soul, the body and the wheat malt. A traditional pilsner malt chosen. Easy to drink unfiltered wheat beer is light, due to the 5.4% alcohol content smiling slowly turning the conversation over.

…There is nothing better than to use a smooth wheat beer to look at the dancing women in Silver Street …

Chicago … In the early 20s Pale ale flavors reminiscent century, what new genre designation as we emphasize the uniqueness of order and Alphonse pale ale we call. Beautiful, reddish color of many types of quality wins malt with a touch of spicy bitterness of the fact that only Shapiro and Traditional hop aroma has been was added.

… This Chicago nightlife – fluffy depravity – this makes the prohibitionist scare receive!…

Ale CaponeAl Capone still not allowed to drink real American IPA because of Prohibition in 1920, who busted the American beer culture and the IPA was revived only in the eighties again. Therefore, we are not classic IPA, more of a turn of the century ale, five types of malt,  with the refreshing scent of hop.

… This thick balsamic bitterness taste of power, and more comforting than the weight of the revolver …

Alcatraz … In terms of dark and sweet, alcohol content of 5.6%, a moderate, traditional top-fermented beer. Its flavor of Munich malt dominance prevails, tasting of striking full-bodied character.

… All his life he longed to drive around in good cars  – just received his beautiful black coffin  car …

Razzia … Roundup

“For a long time we did not get it why the wheat beer is too dark. Nowadays, fortunately, we know that the magic is in the malt, the Bavarian weihenstephan yeast, which can bring out the maximum, roasting the flavors are not necessarily in the sunny wheat personality. The raid mixture of four types of dark malt provides the harmonic depths” … we were told by Gyula Branda.

… After a rough cleanup, nothing calms your nerves so the gangster as a full-bodied brown wheat.”

The place to go where these beers are available in draft and bottled form:

Élesztőház – BigFoot Pub  – District IX. 22., Tűzoltó  str. Budapest.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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