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Sunday, October, 13. 3012.

It was a day of people’s festival, parents with their children ran, family run, baby stroller runners, runners in costumes and some were without running shoes.

During  the early morning’s hours the weather was shocking. The whole city was covered by thick fog. Pretty disappointing, but getting close to the start time the haze and the foggy weather disappeared and the sun was shining beautifully, approx. 22 Degrees Celsius, which was in favor for the runners and the cheering audience.

This week-end at the 28th Spar Budapest Marathon was the second largest event of interest by visitors compared beside to the Budapest’s F1 circus. The Marathon started sharp at 9.30 a.m. at the ’56’s Square. The range to run was 42 kms. Concerning and comparing the figures of last year given by the organizers,  this year 21.930 runners appointed to the Budapest’s Marathon. Last year participated 21 930 runners. The Marathon is equal to the Leisure Sporty activity and by saying that the participation figures say it all. Close to 5000 participants, there were 3,000 foreigners from 68 countries on the run! Some individuals on wheelchair made the range by their own and others with assistants.

Ministers, state secretaries, public figures were on the run along the 42 kms. distance, thereby setting an example that it is important to move your body, even in the beginning it may be dreadful after 10 minutes hanging out your tongue, trying to catch your breath, but slowly increasing the time will be worthwhile and step-by-step anyone can be on the list in making it happen, running at the marathon.

The members of the theaters who are entertaining us in the evening hours had a Hard Days and Hard Nights before the Marathon! Here comes what Ms. Enikó Eszenyi Director of the “Vig” Theater had to say… Quote: “They practise running, workout in the morning hours, then “run” to their theater for the actual afternoon’s rehearsal which is now the “Fiddler on the Roof” and at 7 p.m. on stage with their part in the evening’s performance. I am impressed and very proud of them. Also was great to see all along the way many cheering, smiling people. ”

The UNICEF’s Budapest Committee  … Kids on the Run with Hungarian kids and foreigners kids also  made their one-by-one km run.  The youngest of all time, Benjamin, David Szántó TV Sport riporter’s 5 yrs. old son also ran one km., made it to the finish line.

Several other members of theater from outside of Budapest also attended, wish to be a part in this great happening at the 28th Spar Budapest Marathon. From Budapest teams come along  from the National Theater, the Kolibri (Hummingbird) Theater, the National Opera House, Folk Dance groups,  Army fellas, the Thalia Theater.

As the run was on have had a pleasure to have met Mr. Alun Hill, CNN International, Freelance Producer and his partner representing the channel, shooting a footage at the 28th SPAR Budapest Marathon.  Asked about his impression of what he have had experienced  so far at Budapest and on the run. But before going into the deep, my 1st. Q was to him … heard CNN Intern’l is coming over with a team.  Who and whereis the team?  Alun with a wide smile said: Quote:  „The two of us is the team” Was a bit surprised seeing there are 6 cameras on the table, so I multiplied and divided the team and came up with a new discovery … the CNN International team here on the Marathon consists of six cameras. Now heading back to their gathered impressions. Alun told me this is his second time in Budapest, was here in 1999 and so much change he has discovered.  Coming to the Budapest this time was to kill two birds with one stone shooting a footage at the 28th SPAR Budapest Marathon was by request of CNN. It will be on-air in the coming day. His impression of the Budapest’s Marathon is that it is more relaxed than the Marathon in the UK, or at in N.Y., whereas there are too many security controllers on the way and the traffic stops turns you dizzy. Also talked about how stunned he was riding on a 656 Suzuki motorbike and filming the runners on the side paths, Quote: „Not sat on such capstan, it’s a stylish naked built  comfy, have already  thought of getting one for my own.  These Bandit bikes, as I was told also known as a hooligan bike; I like that saying. We made an approx. one hour footage and snaps of the marathon on the road. Will send it through the net to the center of CNN in Atlanta and they will doing the cutting and so forth. I enjoy every minute of the City, the marathon, the nice, friendly, helpful people of Hungary.” Were else have you been during your „short” stay in Budapest? Quote: „Well, basically my field is shooting trips to travel, been at many countries around the world, so much to see. Here in Budapest, made the time for filming travel tips. Been filming at the  Railway Museum … unbelievable what a collection is out on display there. Also did some shooting as visiting the Parliament. Made some shots at the Budapest Underground, Europe’s 2nd „Underground”. Couldn’t resist in not tell saying, that the Budapest’s “Underground” is the first to be built in the mainland of Europe. Alun, as a british born chap made a slight comment, Quote: „Alright, Budapest’s Underground, the  first on the European mainland, but Europe as a continent, the London Underground was the first to be built and in  operation” Right said Alun!  Alun and his parter also tried to visit some place by rolling though the city on the Segway. Admitted this is a fine way to discover the City  and save the foot ache for another day. Finally Alun’s impression was, Quote: „All-in-all, my congrats goes to the organizers of the 28th Spar Budapest’s Marathon. Runs through the prettiest parts and places of Capital and seeing the people full of smiles on the way makes you think, how happy the World could be and afterall the Marathon run ain’t so tough with happy people.”

At the men marathon the winner, Mr. Gábor Józsa was defending his championship. He actually was far ahead of the other runners and by all means was celebrated as winning his 3rd Hungarian championship.  Who is going to be the first at the women’s run was a bit spooky when at the last 5 kms. to the finish Ms. Simona Juhász-Staicu pumped up her energy and took over the lead of Ms. Zsófia Erdélyi who on the run at the last London Olympics. This was Ms. Simona Erdélyi-Staicu third triumph after the year in 2004 and 2010. They both received the title of being the Hungarian champions.

Here are the results of the first three places in the 42 kms. Men Marathon:

1.Gábor Józsa (MAC) 2:22:58 hr.

2. János Tamás Nagy (Békéscsaba) 02:26:44 hr.

3.Gábor Szabó (ELTE ADSK) 02:32:56 hr.

Here are the results of the first 3 places in the 42. kms. Women Marathon:

1.Simona Erdélyi-Staicu (Mogyoródi KSK) 02:42:26 hr.

2.Zsófia Erdélyi (UTE) 02:47:41 hr.

3. Timea Merényi  (Bp. Honvéd SE) 02:51:43 hr.

Sweaty and smiling faces rolled through the Streets, Blvd., AVE., Island, Bridges of Budapest which most tourist visiting the Capital have to have prehaps one-or-two days to make it, wandering around, discovering sites and having an adventure. Here the foreigners had that package all-in-one and pretty sure they had a glance on their way of the historical sights and the beauty that lies in the City of Budapest.

The race announcer speaker  was a happy-go-lucky chap,  just watch his dancing feet! He got what it takes,  simply superb throughout the whole day of the Marathon. He really was winded up. His feet were more often in the air than on the floor, see slide-show and video FAB …



Update, video, snaps by Aggie Reiter

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