Friday, October, 11 –  Sunday, October 13.



Readers at the rollinginbudapest by now know very well, come rain … come shine every week-end there is something, somewhere happening in Hungary whether it’s „a festival, feast or fair”. Also this week-end abound in various events to be visited. Even the weather for the coming week-end will be in favor with the fall’s sunshine, with prehaps a bit of cloudy sky at 1st “Kürtős” Chimney Cake Festival. No need to bring along umbrellas, neither heavy coats.

For the first time will be out the  many new features of the chimney cakes, also beside of using pure flower, these yummies will be made with whole-wheat and/or gluten-and lactose-free materials.

The tools, equipments will be provided by the organizers … kneading machine will be made on the basis of the „Kürtős” chimney cake secret recipe. Each participating team will receive 4 doses of dough to prepare 50 cakes and ignition for the coals.

Awaiting for the debut cake makers to attempt in reaching the record in baking. To participate, learn the tricks to one of Hungary’s much indeed loved cake a team up to 4 individuals  may register for the fee of 2000HUF. The organizers will pass the income as already offered to the National Association of Large Families.

In addition to the cakes at the festival, there will be even more delicates and drinks as well, like cheese, ham, sausages, wines and pálinka which cannot be missed when and where a kinda food is served.

To go with the delicate aroma and delicious flavors concerts will fill the ears with well-known singers, bands music along the 2 days festival. Here are the dates, time and participants:

Friday, October, 11. 6 p.m. Sugarloaf, 7.30 p.m. The Indygo band‘s Premiere Chimney Cake song, 9 p.m. Heaven Street Seven.  Saturday, October 12. 5 p.m. Concerts after concerts: Ms. Adél Csodot, 6 p.m. Mr. Gergő Baricz, 7 p.m. Timi Antal, 8 p.m. Keresztes Ildikó Band. Sunday, October 13. 2 p.m. Veronika Wedding & The Boys, 4 p.m. Veronica Wedding & The Boys, 6 p.m. Hot Jazz Band, 8 p.m. Balkan Fanatik Band on stage with World, folk music.

Update  and snap by Aggie Reiter

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