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Mr. Imre Baross Acrobatforming, secondary technical school  held  the young artists final examination to their school year 2012/2013 with great success and much appreciated  by the audience of all age at the National Circus  in Budapest.

The Future Circus, is a joint project with the MACIVA and Imre Baross Acrobatforming school, aimed in refreshing, renewing the national acrobats. On the occasion of International Meeting of Artists, students arrived to  the National Circus in Budapest from Madrid, the highly respected educational center the CARAMPA, also from Italy, the Milan school and the FLICK Turin acrobats who in the air were full in motion, superb performance, a speedy wheel is slow motion compared to them! There was a joint production with the CARAMPA, and the Hungarian students, which was much appreciated by the cheering public. They had practised only for the last 5 days together for to-day’s show and what an awesome show the future acrobat stars  had presented.

The international show combined elements of traditional and contemporary circus acts such as: native american shamann dancing with  flaming flambeau, Clowns with fans, Duo board, Air acrobat traditional circus numbers, Juggling trio,  Net acrobat, Swinging Trapeze,  combinations on the ladder code. The techniques were all  simply amazing. Of course there were many more fantastic performances, here was  just mentioning a couple. Indeed, these young artists performed like those artists who are out in the “circusland”  for more than decades. The circus was full and the audience cheered and never stopping claps filled the air.

The jury was present at the 3 p.m. show, viewed, evaluated the performances. The examination show was perfectly organized, you couldn’t tell these young artists are in the spotlight of their exams. Something new in style at the National Circus was  the presence of authentic folk music carrying on  by the  Makám Band.   So not just for the eyes but for the ears the  background music during one-and-another performances was simply gorgeous. The title of the show was … “DO  YOU LOVE ME?”

The Acrobatforming  school showed the pupil’s aim to develop and achieve real international relations within a long-term cooperation. These young artists surely made many a day to remember of their art of work, also wouldn’t be surprised at all, if after being at the show of to-day, young kids in the audience got into mood for joining the world of circus.

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