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“The circus is one of the most entertaining common family program.”

But before getting into the presentation of the CIRCUS NIGHT we were told about two unique shows taking place at the Hungarian State Circus on

Saturday, June, 29. at 11 a.m. and at 3 p.m.

Address: District XIV. 12/a.  Állatkerti Blvd. Budapest

Mr. Imre Baross, Director, Artists Training School told us this  at the press call there will be the young adults examination performance titled“Do you love me?” with two shows.

The Future Circus, the MACIVA (Hungarian Circus and Variety Nonprofit Ltd.)  This will be a special day on te circus floor within a  joint project, focusing at education on national artist renewal . This day will be a milestone and a new phrase in International Meeting of  Artist’s School from  Madrid,  Milan and Turin. These young  adults  will be on the circus floor with the best Hungarian circus students.  They have already warmed many hearts with their public success performing at the Night of Museums.  Those who missed it will have a last chance to see  their spectacular performances on the same floor at the Metropolitan Circus, Budapest.

A high standard quality circus album was presented to the media representatives. This is a publication of famous Hungarian artists, which thematically reviews the history, including original photographs of the circus   MACIVA  “The Art of Entertainment” was presented by  Dr. Zsigmond Kriza,  Director of the MACIVA  who said this  album sold 100 units offered to the Hungarian Circus Arts Foundation, as  to support young artists to their start off in their career, to accomplish their costumes, choreographers,  helping in their room rental and so forth. The sophisticated album was published in Hungarian and English language.  With this publication the foundation wish to please their dear circus visitors and  circus lovers. (Coming up a chapter update of the contents of the album)

The show is jointly directed by Ms. Rebeka Bakk and Mr. Laszló Bona. The choreographed production of the artists of our future is by Ms. Rebeka Bakk, Ms. Laura Mars and Ms. Krisztina Paál.

In addition to the Hungarian talents, the FLICK Turin, and Madrid from the Carampa circus school will be on the circus floor to entertain the audience within their show.

For all circus lovers who wish to support  the next generation of young adults, circus artist here is the  channel where they may be in help in fundraising and make  their offers:  The Hungarian Circus Arts Foundation Account Number: HU25 1020 0940 2152 1384 0000 0000  SWIFT: OKHBHUHB.  Those individuals who support the foundation will receive in exchange for their  support this gorgeous  unique album introducing the history of the Hungarian Circus. The album is not marketed.

They have jointly previously appeared together  at the circus ground  on the “Museum Night” and will be on show at the  “1st. Circus Night” in Budapest and around the Lake Balaton.  During this special  night they will be holding hilarious performances, backstage walking, feeding animals, horse shows and many other colorful programs  to entertain the audiences. This will be a night to remember for the artist and , kids  and adults of all age.  Information of the whereabouts and timing will be shortly  updated.

Hope this message reach many  in time to be on Saturday at 11 a.m. or at the 3 p.m. shows.


Update and snaps Aggie Reiter

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