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Most known popular Hungarian television personalities, singers, models and designers and Sugarbird members teamed-up again to be in the charity campaign titled “Show Me Your City” . The team this spring wish to succeed for hundreds of needy children to deliver as a gift of children’s cloths. This campagne goes through April, 3 up to May, 30 and the Sugarbird team awaits the respond of those children’s homes where the assistance in children§’s cloths is most required

The campaign’s name is “Show Me Your City” with the concept to promote the birthplace of the well-known Hungarian personalities. The Sugarbird came out with a limit number of  T-shirt design Miss KK,  by street art artist, designer.

The children’s clothes will be collected through funds received by the organizers. The total revenue from sales of T-shirts goes to the needy children. thereafter, forward to the children’s homes in need of assistance.

The media call was at the event venue beside the rolling River Danube at the renewed KIOSZK pub and restaurant at the District V. March 15 square of Budapest. The place is pretty amazing, raw inside walls with ringing the bell of the era of a fatorty’s workers’ locker room int he 70s or the 80s a truly classic spaces. The panorama of proof is to be in one of the most exciting location and a real urban meeting place.

Quote: „It is very important to me to process in every season a Hungarian-related topics. I love the Hungarian cities, towns with its history and atmosphere. My big dream was to fashion T-shirts and popularize them. I believe, this is not just a fashion theme, or trend, but it is much more has to do on a long run in need of support people and institutions. This year I want to see a smile on the checks of the children “… said Jagasics v Ms. Helen Sugarbird owner and chief designer.

In the beginning week of April, at the prime opening of the KIOSZ Restaurant – Budapest,  known personalities joined the campaign wearing a T-shirt with the name of the city they were born, grew up and the attractions over there printed on their T-shirts.

The supporters of the campaign are from the City of Pécs Mr. Vujity Tvrtko, Budapest, Ms. Csilla Tatár and Mr. Gergő Papp, City of Szigetvár M.r Róbert Kárász, Ms. Regina Dukai, City of Kapuvár Mrs. Laura Cserpes Laura, City of Újkigyós Mr. Ferenc Rákóczi City of Szolnok Ms. Zita Debreczeni and Judy, City of Debrecen Éva Andor, City of Nagykanizsa Ms. Zsofi Kondákor Zsófi and Ms. Linda Zimány, City of Nyiregyháza Mr. Tibor Gazdag, City of Kecskemét Ms. Adrienn Nagy, City of Békéscsaba Mr. Viktor Varga, City of Tapolca Ms. Vera Tóth.

Update and snap by Aggie Reiter

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