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Needn’t have to go for just shopping to Spain … can do it now in Budapest, cause they have opened its first store in Hungary.

The DESIGUAL has been spinning around to conquer with its shops around the fashion world! This time took a spin to the Central-Eastern Europe  to Budapest.

At the Designal’s shops all can tailor themselves with all kind of women wear, swimwear, kids wear, footwear, leather goods and colorful Spanish jewellery which are dreamt off by the colors of the Mediterranean Sea.

Thursday, April, 4. 2013. the Desigual, one of the world’s most prominent fashion shop opened its first store in Budapest, Hungary at one of the busiest shopping center, the WestEnd City Center.

Even though Budapest does not lay beside the salty breeze by seaside, yet these cloths pulls over to the fun atmosphere of being out on the boardwalk or spending an evening out by the River Danube on a warm breezy night.

At the ceremonial opening beside the shoppers, domestic music artists as Ms. Bea Palya, Ms. Lola and Ms. Veronika Harcsa also took part in celebrating the opening of the Desigual brand.

Quote from Ms. Bea Palya said with a wide  smile „These peices of cloths are art of fashion, colorful, energetic, in a way silly. It has long been my favorite brand to be purchased. Had to roll over to Spain for individual pieces, skirts, handbags. I am delighted that we can now recharge my wardrobe with some real Spanish designers pieces here in Budapest”

Ms. Veronika Harcsa and Ms. Lola, also found close to the heart of pieces in the shop. Quote from Ms. Lola: „I found a real spring clothes, full of colors, full of energy, but now is the time to finally arrive the good weather so I can wear soon now.

Good news for folks living in other regions of the country, cause the company have in mind to continue its international expansion, planning to open more stores in Hungary in the years to come.

In Brief about the Spanish brand Desigual. The main features of optimism and color, unique design. The company began operations in 1984, with the following slogan: “Desigual is not the same.” Currently, more than 3,800 people are employed by 85 different nations. In 2012, more than 22 million products (now that’s a number!) sold through different channels. The brand’s 330 independent stores, 9,000 multi-brand points of sale and 2,200 more remote autonomous unit that ended the 2012 year in more than 90 countries.

Just mention a few shops around the world:  in Tokyo, Warsaw, Singapore, San Francisco, Paris, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, London, Fukuoka, Florence, Stockholm, Doha, Copenhagen, Chicago, Berlin, Abu Dhabi AND of course now in Budapest-Hungary.

Hopefully Spring will be in the air in within a short time and folks may  dress for their pleasure wearing these outfits.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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