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Film directors will present in Budapest coming from the United States of America, Ireland, England, Wales, France, Holland, Russia and Slovakia to escort their films and meet the Hungarian audience during the 20th Titanic International Film Festival. The films are running at five cinemas, between April, 5 up to 13. 2013.

Right on the opening day, on Friday, April, 5., 8.45 p.m. the Puskin cinema will be screening the „Silent Ones”. This is the first film of Dutch director Ricky Rijneke, staring two Hungarian actors, Ms. Orsi Tóth and Mr. Roland Rába. After the screening the audience will have the chance to meet the director and the female protagonist.

Saturday, April, 6. at 7 p.m., the audience can watch at the Puskin cinema a city-horror, entitledCitadel” in which a man has been suffering from agoraphobia since his wife was fatally attacked by twisted feral children. After the film the Irish director Ciarán Foy, will be answering the questions coming from the audience. At the same time in Toldi cinema „Shiver” will run in which a young secretary lacking in self-esteem becomes victim of savage killer but, somehow finds courage to fight back and escape. This exciting thriller is based upon the acclaimed novel of Brian Harper. The guest of the screening will be present the director of the film, Julian Richards from Wales.

On Ship A-38 there will be two screenings and Q&As. Saturday and Monday, April, 6 and 8th at 7.30 p.m. meeting  the British director, Eve Wood’s of The Beat Is the Law: Fanfare for the Common People.” Eve Wood’s documentary is a history of the amazing Sheffield music scene, from early 80’s post-punk through the house boom and into Britpop. The film culminates with Pulp’s triumph at the 1995 Glastonbury Festival, where as last-minute replacement headliners, the band delivered the era-defining song Common People.

Sunday, April, 7., at 7 p.m. at the Toldi cinema, one can catch up with the „Shopping Tour” in the presence of the Russian director, Mikhail Brashinsky. In this unique piece a group of Russian tourists go on a shopping tour to the neighboring Finland – only to be attacked by the Finnish cannibals. Mr. Brashinsky had worked as a train conductor en route to Siberia and a waiter in a Turkish restaurant, a DJ on Bourbon Street in New Orleans and a film instructor at several New York universities, so he has a lot to tell to the Hungarian audience. At the same time at Urania Cinema, meet the Hungarian director from Solvakia, Mira Fornay,  will present her subtle film. „My Dog Killer” is about racists and ethnic conflicts in contemporary Europe and partly about wrong choices that, once made, cannot be altered. It is also about chances that appear, only to be missed.

There will be a world-premier on Monday, April, 8., sharp at 9 p.m. at the Toldi cinemaHow to Follow Strangers”, the film of American Chioke Nassor has two interconnected stories the first of which is inspired by a true account of a woman who died in her Manhattan apartment and remained there a year before her body was found, decomposing in a crisp Chanel suit. The audience can meet the director on Friday, April, 12., after the 6.30 p.m. screening at Örökmozgó cinema as well.

Wednesday, April, 10., 4.30 p.m. at Puskin cinema, „Fine, Thanks” will run that consists of three main stories, all taking place during the current financial crisis. After the screening the audience can ask questions about his debut from Slovakia-based Hungarian director, Mr. Mátyás Prikler. Finally on Thursday, 11th April, 11., 7 p.m. at the Toldi cinema „Morning Star” will be screened staring Denis Lavant, Iggy Pop and Tchéky Karyo. thereafter, there will be a Q&A with the French director of the film, Sophie Blondy.

As previously mention in my update concerning the 20th Titanic Film Festival  … Budapest, 2013. …

Mr. Morgan Bushe Irish producer, Mr. Szabolcs Hajdú, Hungarian film director and the head of the jury, the world-famous Czech director, Mr. Jiři Menzel will also be in Budapest during Titanic International Film Festival.

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    That Movie in which Iggy Pop Co-Stars ….Morning Star is directed by Sophie Blondy…I believe it is outstanding ….A great future is predicted by those who know for the director….Thanks for the heads up….Chris

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