Budapest, again brought professional athletes of the world’s tennis elite to the László Papp Sport Arena!

The season was here again for the fans to welcome the champions at the 5th Tennis Classic here in Budapest! The champions on the tennis court played an awesome, true, tricky style match full of emotion at the indoors of the László Papp Sport Arena on Tuesday. No surprise the arena was fully packed and surely this evening will be remembered for a long time.


The play started late afternoon with both singles and a double’s competition. Five o’clock on sharp the opening ceremony took place by welcoming the players out on the tennis court. The marvelous show began a little after 5 p.m. with two greaties: Carlos Moya vs. Mark Philippoussis. The show continued with two other icons: Janko Tipsarevic vs. Gilles Simon and the cherry on top of the cake was the double match by Carlos Moya – Gilles Simon. vs. Janko Tipsarevic – Mansour Bahrami… Gosh what a night!

Just in brief, a couple of thoughts about the grand players:

Mark, the  Mate from Downunder, now living in San Diego, but as he told me he miss alot his sis and brother  and the whole family and of course the place he grew up...:-(

Mark, the Mate from Downunder, now living in San Diego, but as he told me he miss alot his sis and brother and the whole family and of course the place he grew up…:-(

Mark Philippoussis born in Melbourne. Son of Italian and Greek perants … No wonder he has that Mediterranean looks.  In less than twenty years later he became one of the most popular tennis players.Keeping that mind, it wasn’t any easy task when out on the tennis courts Ivanisevics, Agassi, Sampras, Kafelnyikov and others engraved their names.  The Aussie Mate made it by eleven ATP Career titles, two Grand Slam finals, Davis Cup triumph and numerous awards stoned mark no ordinary journey. After his “hell fast” serve time, with his 229 kilometers/punched ace gained  his nickname “the Scud”  (US rocket) on the court fields. At the age of 18, as the youngest athletics was already in the field of best 50 players. During the same year was his first contact with Hungary at the memorable Davis Cup clash with Jozsef Krocskó’s  where and when the sensational victory was gained over the super talented Aussie.

Carlos Moya ...two-handed backhand rolling his racket as powerful bomb.

Carlos Moya …two-handed backhand rolling his racket as powerful bomb.

Former world’s first number one, Spanish professional tennis player Carlos Moya, started playing tennis at the age six. His one of those lucky person’s who has more options in using both of his hands. Born left-handed in writing and plays right-handed. But if that’s not enough for him then he plays two-handed backhand rolling his racket as powerful bomb. Since he went in 1997 Downunder and suprized the audience of his talent at the Australian Open where he was first defeated by Sampras, but continued his careers, victories when came the Roland Garros, Grand Slam tournament, but he finally brought the fiesta to the Spaniards by winning the Davis Cup. In the set, the Spanish won 6:4. The second game brought the Aussie Mate the game on the top. Reaching closely to the end of their final term of ten points, neither of the players were mercy on each other. Moya quickly pulled away and won 10-7 the match.

Gilles Simon

Gilles Simon

Gilles Simon, former World No.:6, French professional tennis player, ten-time winner on the ATP World Tour. His first ATP Challenger was in 2005. Then came for him as well the Australian Open the first grand slam of the year in 2006. Here in Budapest he showed and proved his “label” with his backhand shots. He was always considered as best of being capable of expertly creating angles and varying his shots. Was great to view him as keeping the ball on his strings until the very last moment. Several occasions he rushed-in to the net off as to make a little squeezy break up the rhythm of the ball. We saw how he enjoyed  doing that “puzzle” to the other side. Simon is considered as a big server but we saw he is absolutely a powerful player.

Janko Tipsarevic

Janko Tipsarevic

Janko Tipsarevicborn  in Belgrade – Serbia,  Former Yugoslavia, started his career just the same as many others. He was age 6 when he held his first racket. He also won in 2001  the junior title at the Australia Open in the  Boys’ Singles. (How strange that many tennis classic of to-day all stated the tennis career Dowunder!) Won several tournaments, and as to his best result was at  the Grand Slam  at the US Open of 2011. The second  pair out on the court ground was: Tipsarevic and Simon. In minutes it was seen there was no more “happy-go-lucky-me”, no longer  on the tennis court,  we saw a real world of “hell serious” match.Their first set at their opening game was an excellent tool, well received, and the table showed 6:3. thereafter, at the second set the, “philosopher of Tennis” nicknamed Serbian tennis player quickly decided that this night is not about rivals, but even though the  At the second set with the 6:3 Spanish man won the set again by 6:3.

Mansour Bahrami

Mansour Bahrami

The French-Iranian senior professional tennis player over his 50s, still a terrific tennis player. I bet most of the young tennis players wish to be as him when they reach his age. Iranian born “magician’ of his racket plays as if it is the simplest thing in the world to run for your life with your racket to finally hit the served ball. When he entered the tennis ground the whole arena welcomed him cheering  and clapping to show their appreciation for coming again to Budapest to see his superb technics (which you just can’t get enough to see) at the  5th Tennis Classic Tournament of this year. Bahrami’s name was often  loudlycalled by the audience showing how much they are breathing with him as one. Beside a great tennis player…What a superb showman  an unforgettable evening he shared with the public on the spot.

Last but not least, the real showtime began a little after 8 p.m. The audience got what it takes watching the great players, as Simon with Moya and Tipsarevic with Mansour Bahrami in pairs ended the amazing tennis Gala showing their perfect skills.

Balázs Taróczy, Director of the Tournament

Balázs Taróczy, Director of the Tournament

Great thanks goes out to Balázs Taróczy,  Tennis Classic Tournament Director for keeping the light on by cherishing his deep love for tennis and to have been working hard with his team to make the tennis lovers their day.. Also thumbs-up to the supporters, which made it happen, to be able to organize for the 5th time  the presence of providing a superb evening at the tennis court-yard at the László Papp Sport Arena in Budapest.

Mark is surrounded by Autógraph collecters

Mark is surrounded by autograph collectors

Janka's ... registered ...uh...oh ... special figure touch!

Janka’s … registered …uh…oh … special figure touch!

Ain’t spilling the beans …  so being interested where and when the grand tennis players with their balls and rackets  show-up next, if so set your timing to follow the Australian Open Tennis Tournament from Monday, January, 14 rolling through Monday, January, 27. 2013. anyone can see them. I am most sure, the lucky ones in-and-around Melbourne – Australia will be out there to catch up with what’s the lastest scores and  as for the less lucky ones, or not …  they will probably be relaxing, watching on telly the balls fly high  at home in their comfy  armchair.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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