So continuing the updates  here are some highlights of Sunday’s, December, 2.  programs:

OTP Bank Show Jumping World Cup Among the best of 35 riders  showed their best during their show jumping competition.

Throughout the racing days the whole arena was completely filled by locals from  and outside of Budapest were to witness a non every day attractions.  During the three days experiences, there couldn’t have had been a better planned indoor sporty event. Those foreigners and tourist who came just to be at the EquestrianWorld Cup, or planned their stay in Budapest  during this event and were able to reserve a seat, got their tickets to the Equestrain World Cup were surely the lucky ones, also the winners to be present.


Sunday, Morning, December, 2.

Hungarian celebrities and athletes coach driving competition.

András Stohl in the middle

András Stohl in the middle the winner of the “Adrenalin Cup”

András Stohl, actor at the National Theater (won within: 54’97”) with thoughtfulness and dynamic drive at the 6th OTP Bank Cup World Equestrian Driving. He quoted after the finish of the celebrity race the following: „How wonderful it could be, if everyone could show their happiness for the success of the otherone”. So well said, this cannot be tought. Pitty it is often missing. His auxiliary chaser was the seven-time world champion Vilmos Lázár.

Lajos Galambos  came 2nd (59’85”) and the 3rd stand was out for the newcomer  Csaba Vastagh, last year’s winner of the Hungarian X-Factor.   Zoltan Lázár the six-times world champion carriage driver was his chaser.  Other finishers: Csaba Vastagh, 3rd place (60’77”), Tamás Vastagh, 4th place (61’20”), Győző Varga, 5th place, (62’68”), Levente Harsanyi, 6th place (64’.10”), Géza Mészöly, 7th place (64’82”), András Faragó, 8th place(70’52”), Bebe, 9th place (86’59”), Attila Pataki, 10th place (88’53”).

Sunday, afternoon – December, 2.

“Meeting the press” …

four-in-hand international team

Group snap of the four-in-hand international team

Four-in-hand - first three winners

…The four-in-hand race ended and was won with a huge victory for IJsbrand Chardon (NL) – (217,18). The second place went out to also to the Dutch, Theo Timmerman (NL) – (225,18) and at the 3rd place Boyd Excell, the Aussie finished the race  at (225,53). Koos de Ronde ended up being the 4th (NL) –  (118,74).

… Do not wish to sound as a bit vicious, but I would say the four-time world champion, the Dutch Chardon went both time clear rounds … no wonder … riding with one of the horses in the four-in-hand was the Hungarian owned, borrowed from elder, József Dobrovitz (soon he will buy the horse) won the race „no surprize” the Hungarian Lipizzaner horses are one of the kind.This was Chardon’s first time competing here in Budapest. Finished to the 2nd  place, Theo Timmerman and Boyd Exell, the aussie at the 3rd position. Excell, the five-time FEI World Cup champion knocked down one of the balls. It wasn’t noticed by the juries and the race went on. After the race he went and told the officials what has happened, lost some points and this lead him to the result to the 3rd place. Now, Excell is a real sportsman and indeed the sport world not just Downunder surely will be pleased hearing to have a sporty Mate filled with spirit of fair play!!! Exell, also raced within the four-in-hand horses and one of the four was also the Hungarian breed, Lipizzaner horse. Who knows, could be the two Lipizzaner horses are jolly-good mates and they didn’t wish to be rival  on this time. Overall, we are sure Excell being a great sportsman was happy that Chardon and Timmerman made that terrific race, but as for beating him most probably he wasn’t flying  10 feet above the grounds. Oh well, the racing ground are open, so who knows what tomorrow may bring.

… Elder, József Dobrovitz  5th (HUN) – (121,29)József Dobrovitz Jr. 6th  (HUN) – (148,04).  Dobrovitz Jr.  was carried away pretty wild on the tracks with his new leader horse among the other three  Lipizzaner horses. Somehow, they as a whole wasn’t as one. The other four-in-hand, Hungarian László Kecskeméti 7th  – (152,51) couldn’t pull up to his best performance, most probably it had a lot to do for having driving in advance with these horses for only a fortnight. Unfortunately, both of them were not able to reach a better result, but I must say it was a tough and a very strong field.

Riders uner the age of 25. with  the Turkey's winner .

Reaching close to the end of this fabulous 3 days highlighted sporty events, the Herend Grand Prix  took over the indoor’s ground.  Here were eight best young riders under the age of 25. The winner of  the Herend Grand Prix prize was the Omer Karaeli, Turkish rider who made a strong intro that was hard to top the  lesson.

At the 2nd place  the British Aston Chloe was celebrated. Chloe Aston  the 2nd (UK)

The László Papp Sport Arena regularly organize sport events among other huge cultural events. Keeping that in mind ,the OTP Bank Equestrian World Cup organizers, service teams, background workers made the three days an unforgettable, enjoyable, splendid week-end for not only for the visitors, but the awesome riders, their horses, and all the competitors.

Throughout the racing days the whole arena was completely filled by locals from and outside of Budapest. During the three days there couldn’t have had been a better planned indoor sporty event. Those foreigners and tourist who came just to be at the Equestrian World Cup, or planned their stay connected to with their arrival to spend the vacation during the season of Advent and were able to reserve a seat, got their tickets to the Equestrian World Cup were most probably the lucky ones, as the winners to be present at the Esquestrian World Cup.


The annual equestrian festival sold out for this time again.

Now that the OTP Bank Equestrian World Cup is becoming a tradition, hopefully  in “just” 365 days … during the first week-end of December will hold its 7th OTP Bank  Equestrian World Cup!

“The show must go on”!

See you in 2013! …  same time … same  place!


Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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    Hi Aggie…..Good to see Boyd did the right thing and declared the error….Sounds like a wonderful tournament, hope you are having a great time….The photo suggests you are, you look marvellous, stay that way Sheila……C xx

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