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Here just eight out of ten!

Here just eight out of ten!


Upon invitation to the Polgár Winery joined at the Symbol restaurant Budapest  at a wine tasting evening, connected with a presentation of the 10 best Polgár’s wines from the past 10 years.  The Polgár’s Winery branch name spells the tradition, synonymous with the production of their quality wines. Previously to each and every tasting Mr. Zoltán Polgár spoke about the year’s weather condition, how much it counts. As it was said, it always leaves the fingerprints on which special year it was bottled.

Before we were led to the cellar at the Symbol Restaurant to receive double pleasure with the delicious dinner „escorted by” wine-tasting as „side dishes”, just in brief of the Polgár winery.

Mr. Zoltán Polgár

Mr. Zoltán Polgár

Quote: : “Since 1993, we  are working at the same area and the developments are continuously going on. In addition, we opened our thirty-room bed and breakfast guesthouse.  Opened a new cellar for the young and elder people at a 300  and 400 years  old cellar.  The cellar is capable to welcome  groups of 350 to 400 people. In addition, we also provide wine with meals to individuals staying at the nearby farms. This year we have made experimental tests  by adding other segments to our wines.  Currently, genetically resistant to new ideas and experiment. We will see the results by tasting it next year. We care continuously innovating and also handled several large investments. so we were told by  Mr.Zoltán Polgár.

During the supper, especially selected wines were served by Mr. Balázs Kapronczai,  the son-in-law of Mr.Zoltán Polgár.

During the presentation,  Ms. Agnes Herczeg, dinner wine expert guided us along the winding, but beautiful road

Mr. Polgár and Ms. Herczeg

Mr. Polgár and Ms. Herczeg

viewing slide show shots taken at the Polgár winery. Following the presentation (background, development, investments) came the Special Wine Dinner! We were led to the cellar area. The delicious supper was prepared just for us, „escorted by” fine red and white wines as „side escorts”!

This evening was very special, why?…because usually people have to travel to Hungary’s winery areas, which are at many areas in the country, to have the experience  in tasting grand wines in the cosy cellar. This time „ the store … the cellar” came to us!  Mr. Zoltán Polgár bottled his fantastic, captivating personality in his wines and brought for our pleasure in not just simply tasting his 10 year’s wines, but he gave a superb presentation to know the unique in flavors backgrounds as well.

The young adults began, for the first time with a “carbon maceration” method produced nectar tasting the contraband, which this year was out as the year’s new wine on the St. Martin’s Day. Two Pinot Noir was also reflected in the expert audience, a 2011 and a 2004 vintage. In the year 2010, they came out with a white wine, this Chardonnay was fermented in the new barrels, told us Mr. Zoltán Polgár.

Quote from Ms. Herczeg: „The basement of the characterized by continuous renewal of nature and the traditional values ​​of this product. Perhaps this is why the Polgár authentically represents me in the cellar XXI. century sense, good vineyard, with  the music of the band or strip of Balkan Fanatik, they are for me the wine of the winery’s wines Polgár. Also, I would like to emphasize only four wines. The fresh 2012 Portuguese real fruit like a bomb exploded, just as one would expect from red primer. The 2004 Pinot Noir is still in the developmental stage, but will soon reach its peak, but has very large reserves, no need to rush  to open the bottle. Among the Cuvier’s, it is difficult choice because each one has a different beauty. The new blend, the Credo is very young and full of power, energy. I think we’ll hear a lot about it in the future. The 2003 Elixir gracefully and elegantly finished the row, fatigue, showing no signs of a drop. Lucky, who still has it. One thing is certain, then, after tasting more like we got to visit the cellar and the farm because have to admit, the Polgár wines are good, and there is also a beautiful farm to be visited”

Finding  good wine is not always a simple tasks. This time no search was need. Excellent wines from the Polgár winery at the  Symbol Restaurant made many our day, I mean made our evening!

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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