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The Millennium Park in Budapest held an Eco and Market festival, whereas  the main goal  was  to play a role in the environmentally conscious lifestyle and  to bring  the local farmers their locally produced organic food to our daily life.

The  environmental well-known concept of  our culture today has to keep the lights on and hopefully in the future more-and-more people will to take a part in practising it their everyday lives.

Lately, those who care about the high quality raw materials, are beginning to purchase from the local farmer’s products at the markets.


Cheese … Homemade organic products were out on display, tasting wasn’t forbidden and also to shop around. There were various flavors  regular and smoked goat and cow cheese, some with added herbs, veggies or fruits. Unbelievably tasty.

SEEDS: One of the stands had  bowls of salsa taste, garlic toasted pumpkin seeds. What a unique lineup in variety of tastes, especially for those who are fond of the good old  pumpkin seeds. Well known the edible seeds, as the cumin seeds, linseed, pumpkin seed, hazelnuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, wheat seeds. All have their own characteristic, impact to our health.

BEER …  Sour cherry beer (now take that!) a great combination and a smooth taste  to end the hot day during the warm summer evening or pick anytime of the day. At another beer stand, brought from the town of Pilisvörösvár, the Rotburger beer. They have a spectacular brewery which has joint connection to a pub and a  beer garden.

CHEESE … Homemade organic products were out on display, could have had bits of tasting any of the cheese out on display and also shop around. There were various flavors regular and smoked goat and cow cheese with and without added herbs, veggies  and fruits. Unbelievably tasty.

VEGGIES … hot and mild paprika, white and red carrot,  summer pumpkins, tomato, cukini, eggplant, all from the fields of farmer’s.

SOFT DRINKS  … Pressed, squeezed fruits and veggies without any preservatives.

HERBS … From all around the country’s … high mountains, deep valleys.

OILS …  Hope nobody will mind,  for stopping here for a while … miracles do not roll in our everyday, but with especial oils gain from seeds anyone can reach the miracle even though you cannot hold it in the palm of your hand! Just a little overview of the cold-pressed oils made mechanically, which I was told within a short presentation by an expert on the spot: “The cold-pressed oils are made with the support of a mechanical construction, in the course of which the valuable, healthy substances are gained through a screw-press and from the seeds to be pressed in the form of oil.”

Now that might sound pretty simple, but  to stop and think about it for a second, it surely needs a huge amount of seeds to get in the end a glass of natural oil. The oil gain gently this way preserves its special smell, taste, vitamins and fatty acid. For instance, taking for example the  Poppy Seed Oil.  The poppy-seed is an extremely important treasure in the Hungarian and nearby countries cuisines. It is rich in amino acids, fatty acids, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and iron. It is one of the best or simply the best and the most ancient remedy for osteoporosis, which is now-a-days unfortunately endemic. Poppy seed is the natural, primary aid for the skeletal body. It stops the decaying process of bony tissue and starts to build it. It has been also known for a long time that it slows ageing and helps lowering blood pressure. Last but  not least, it has nerve invigorating, nerve ache reducing, sedative and soporific effects.

Did you know?  The Almond seed oil is counted among the most excellent vegetable oils. Beside its immune system invigorating effect it hinders the development of diabetes. They say the daily dosage is  one or two tbl.spoons by itself, but  a piece of bread  will do or as sprinkled on a salad.

Many things are know about the Sunflower seed oil, yet  here it could be something as a new information. The mechanically, traditionally pressed sunflower oil is essential oil, containing repeatedly unsaturated fatty acid in large quantities. Most of the fitosterol which lowers the blood pressure can be found in the pistachio and sunflower. Also  favorable results can be achieved in preventing circulatory diseases and beneficial for prostate problems as well.

My favorite of the day was the “Magic Castle” oil. The oil is with the combination of four kinds of oils: poppy-seed, marrow seed, sunflower and almond. The four unique components have  its special physiological effects.

As it was stressed out: ” The healthy diet is important for everyone, the clean air and energy efficiency, also is a must have to-day! Especially not only to those living out in the countryside, but in a large city as living in Budapest there is a great need for people to understand and use the practical manners in their everyday environment.” Said so well  during the culinary presentation.
Excellent day experiencing flavors at the green field of the Millennium Park – Budapest.
Update and snaps Aggie Reiter
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