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Musicial in two parts

On a semi-warm summer evening on the Margaret Island Open-Air Theater at one of the beautiful and greenie places in Budapest. People simply love this place to watch a play or musical in its relaxing atmosphere. Spent the evening being present at a superb musical performance arriving from the city of Békéscsaba with the production of the Jókai Theater’s guest actors. Within the musical play, they brought alive a superb performance, an adaptions of the well-known novel by Dumas, the Earl Monte Cristo. A bit of exciting twists on the classics, yet an excellent musical play, featuring high-profile singers and actors. Nothing stopped for a moment, the choreographic was awesome, spinning throughout the whole play, like the ocean’s huge waves touching the shores. Very well-organized by the use of the moving faces of the stage. The great songs of Mr. György Szomor were beautifully arranged and sang by the actors. Actually the three pirates in this musical aren’t characters in the original Duma novel, let alone they brought many smiles and entertainment to the audiences.

The musical surely gives the mood of the novel even though there might be a little gap for the foreigners in understanding the Hungarian language, but the performance will lead them to enjoy the story. Unfortunately the high winds did not allow the air-balloon to sweep into the scene at the stage, but during the break could have had a look at its huge in size of its bending head back-and-forth.

Seen many enjoyed a light supper before the performance. Some folks had a bite, a drink during the intermission at the spacious bar and coffee shop.

The audience did not let go off the awesome actors when the musical came to the end by not singing and playing over again the grand final scene of the musical. Was truly an enjoyable evening.

The next musical evening of Dumas’s Earl Monte Cristo will be on this coming Sunday evening at

8.30 p.m.

The best an easy way to get your tickets in a short time, at any day of the week, is to purchase them on the spot at the Margaret Island Open-Air Theater – Budapest

Open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.



Officially the last public bus transportation line 26 leaves at 11.03 p.m. from both the end station,

at the Western Railway Station (Nyugati PU) and at the Árpád Bridge having a stop at the Open-Air Theater.

Last but not least I wish to mention I overheard individuals expressing their appreciation while standing at the bus station about the thoughtfulness of the director of the Margaret Island Open-Air Theater for supporting, carrying out arrangements with the public bus transportation company, so at the end of the theater plays, (regularly public bus finish its duty around midnight) to have on both ways, public bus transportation from the Theater via the Margaret and the Árpád bridge routes out to the main land from the Margaret Island.

Hope the slide show will give an appetite go to see and to have an enjoyable evening!

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