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QR-code breaking higher within the use of  payments in Hungary.

By the end of year 2013, the number of  “shopping” buyers, using the QR-CODE to pay will reach about 200 thousand smart phone users. This will also exceed the domestic traders,  the significant part of the business in investment of the QR code placement, said this morning at the MasterCard Mobile payment application protocols companies joint press conference. During the recent months, huge developments have made it possible for now to use the QR code through the mobile phone. You can pay easily for taxis, shopping,  take a snap on the street of a poster product’s with the QR code or to send to a non-governmental organization a secure and easy donation to the MasterCard Mobile as a mobile payment application with the latest version.

“The basic manner of the use of the  QR code is to allow the true mobility in the market”- said Mr. Laszlo Szetnics, MasterCard Europe regional manager responsible for mobile payment. Mr. Szetnics continued: “As in the world of mobile telecommunications, the mobile pay also represents the true mobility just like in the case of POS terminals, only to use at the mobile communication network can be paid. This feature is perfectly realized in the MasterCard Mobile applications and registered credit card to pay by the use of the QR-code. Users simply have to do is to read the smart phone products posted QR-code and  on the phone screen, approve the amount to be paid. The merchant does not have to use a terminal  to read the card as to be able to follow the transaction”.

In advance before of the immediate payment by the use of the QR code the product allows the customer, beside to read in three summary levels the information what exactly does the product contains, special notice of ingredients. In other words, all-call with a brief description of discipline specific information needed to order the product or the delivery or billing address for information. Also was said, in the future it is possible that a poster or the magazine will not only be a commercial surface, but also become a sales channel. The customer can decide quickly, order and pay.

At the press conference  was said, that the solution of the QR-code is almost in every conceivable area of the payments, starting from the hypermarkets along through the petrol stations or visiting our dentists.

It is most likely to expect to spread rapidly in the commercial environment, whereas the large role in the mobility, speed and the simplicity comes as one of the main factors.

The Hungarian Telekom is a major supplier that allows customers to scan the QR-codes and the MasterCard Mobile to pay off their bills. The company reports that with the possibility of the use to pay their checks through the QR-code, the figures show they were use more  than eight thousand occasions  by customers.

The Hungarian retail home delivery supermarket, the G’Roby  specialized itself in the web-shopping area. The radio Taxi, Tele5 also introduced paying with the QR-code, and a part of these benefits goes to support charities. Also a way of  donation. The customers of the Hungarian “Magyar” Telekom and Telenor‘s by the use of their MasterCard Mobile  also are supporters in donating charities.

Mr. Sándor Nagy, the G’Roby managing director, said the placement of the QR-code posters at the underground stations significantly increased the interest in, and at the customer service more-and-more individuals are interested in this respect.

Heard about similar interest reported by Mr. Csaba Horváth, the radio Tele5 Taxi managing director, who said: “A lot of travelers are interested in alternative methods of payment for, such as QR-codes, and in addition by the use of the MasterCard Mobile  for the taxi rapid replenishment card, or to give the driver a tip. ”

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