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 September, 14 to 16.  2012.  National Gallop, the country’s largest outdoor event of the year!

September 14 to 16. 2012. National Gallop will be taking place beside other superb and spectacular elements, the Dames Riding in which the participants ladies will show their  horse riding sporty side with their elegant and feminine side. On the program there will be riding on saddle, seated in the chariot.

This afternoon went to the Budapest Operetta and Musical Theater, whereas at the Hall of Protocol,  Hungary’s well-known, famous ladies gain a chance to choose their desired outfit to the forthcoming National Gallop. So the ladies did not have had to dress for hours, as men usually think so, this time it just took only a couple of minutes or should I say only 2 minutes and ladies with their the Dames riding dress rehearsal ended. They really took off the hangers just what their senses told them. They sure had the touch for it and at the rocking show will be seen how elegant and feminine a Dames equestrian can be. From the five  Dames equestrians only three of them could make it to the dress rehearsal: Ms. Dancs Annamária, Ms. Enikő Détár and Ms. Bernadett Vágó, the other two ladies Ms. Anna Peller and  Ms. Veca Janicsák, Ms. Annamari a Székely were  occupied with other tasks at the time being to make it to-day, but will find their own style and show theirDames Riders  identity at the Hereo’s Square during the National Gallop Day.

Ain’t telling no secret by saying Ms. Annamari a Székely and Ms.  Bernadett Vágó will be rolling along on the wheels, sitting on a chariot. While  Ms. Enikő Détár as a non-racer, will spots on a female horse saddle and will lope around the sandy field. The  ladies, or should I say the Dames will show how to show up, to behave like a lady at corporate events.

In a couple of days, September 14 – 16  at the Heroes’ Square of  Budapest becomes ARENA of  HORSEVILLE!

This year’s National Gallop promises many exciting new features, along with the usual high professional standards.

This will be the  5th year of  the National Gallop and  again horses, charity race, lady riders, will be galloping, racing around the statues out on display of famous heroes  in the  Hungarian History.

To join the events are free of charge!
Tickets only needed and are available to the grandstands and VIP area at any Ticket Express Office.

The organizers are working at full blast to show the visitors with pleasure the largest, unforgettable outdoor event in Hungary.

Who ain’t going to be there, will be left out of the biggest and unique event of the year.

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