The water tower is an irreplaceable feature of the capital city and indeed the symbol of the Margaret Island

This year reopened to visitors from May, 2 until the end of October 2012 the “OLD-NEW” attraction in Budapest, at the Margaret Island: 



Daily opening hours from May to October: 11 a.m. till 10 p.m.


Did you know that the court of Margaret Island’s Open Air Theater was built-in 1911 with the historic water tower, which is the country’s largest water tower. It still stands upright and holds its head high above and rises above the treetops? 

This amazing unique idea came from Ms. Teodóra Bán, Director of the Open Air Theater as to operate and fulfill this historic building with culture from all sides. This major project was patronized and supported by Mr. István Tarlós, Mayor of the Municipality of Budapest. 

The awesome idea to share unique exhibition of  Visual Art connected with the spices of culture events at the country’s oldest water tower, one of the gems of Budapest.

Visitors arriving to the Water Tower Arriving will surely enter a magical world. “Strolling-up” the Art Nouveau-line curved staircase opens to a scene at the tower of Projection art, photo exhibitions with exhibitions and finally reaching the top point at the panoramic outlook at the dome hall, whereas can be viewed a superb 360 degree panoramic view of Buda and Pest with the Buda hilly side is at your feet.
An amazing experience is part of the program, nearly one-hour viewing the tourist attraction sights of Budapest’s from the heights of cca. 50 meter.

Don’t wish to spoil by saying too much what is to be seen, but just for a starter, on the ground floor Mr. Ferenc Kovács, animation of programming images. Mr. Mark Merv’s photo exhibition of the Margaret Island, while the second level animation films by Mr. Marcell Jankovics of  “The Tragedy of Man” and of “The Miraculous Hind’s” ensures an enjoyable timeout.

Regarding to the longer-term plans, almost above 50 meters a coffee shop would be opened at the water tower at the top of the tank. To achieve this project, the Open Air Theater kindly except a modest donation from the visitors.

More to it, there will be a new marina port directly to the bank of the Open Air Theater to the Island. What else? From June, newly opened souvenir shops to please the foreigners as to fulfill their lists of gifts to be taken home. Saturday nights will be filled with music in the air by concerts and for the dancing shoes there will be “Tower Jazzy Tango” and “Milonga” evenings.

NOW … how’s that to relax hard after having to have work hard during the week.



Update by Aggie Reiter

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