Strolling, sightseeing around the paths of  Budapest you will surely hear music in the air, floating near and far to your ears. No wonder, the season’s feeling does not only stand for having warm breezy nights, but also stands for outdoor venues.

So now it is the perfect time to open your calendar to place nots and crosses, as a reminder! Here comes the herald news you have had been waiting for!

A rich diversity of special events will run throughout the summer at the Margaret Island’s

Open Air Stage.

Ms. Theodóra Bán,  Festival’s Director designed to provide multi-genre, original shows, theater companies and invited foreign guest artists to a series of events to enrich the capital’s cultural landscape.

Margaret Island will also be a spectacular scene to spend an evening enjoying the smooth fresh air that ain’t too common in a capital city, but the Margaret Island lays in the middle of the River Danube and the busy traffic life is far away from the scene, where in the frame of the Danube Carnival will hold its Open Air Stage performances. Your welcomed to be a part of  it, where around of three hundred International and Hungarian artists along with the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble will surely not only catch your eye but your feet as well.
So be ready for an atmosphere of the various forms of artistic expression like folk dancers (some from overseas), world music, contemporary dance, symphonic and brass music and if this ain’t enough for you, then the Folk Art and Fair will be a crush on you.

Budapest welcomes as usually tourists from each-and-every corner of the Earth, the temporary working, studying young adults here in Budapest and staying, working outside of the capital to join a colorful cultural happening, with concerts and worldwide known musical productions to let your senses feel the emotion of participating at the Duna Carnival  Gala. As the Duna Carnival Gala came to its 17th anniversary, it ain’t a surprise anymore that the countries surrounding the borders of  Hungary, the “Visegrád Countries”  will also be sharing with visitors  the beauty of their traditional folk music and dances.

Just a couple of tips where, what’s going on in mid June around in Budapest, and mind you, most of the programs are free of charge, but have to have a look in advance which ones are those.

The Summer Festival’s Duna Carnival and Gala begins:

7 p.m.  Monday,   11th of June     “2nd Senior Dance Carnival” District I. –  8, Corvin Square

8 p.m.  Tuesday,   12th of June    “The Azerbaijan Gala” District V. –  5,  Zrinyi  Street 

6 p.m.  Thursday,   14th of June   “The 3rd Chain-Bridge International Folk Dance”  District XVI. Mátyásföld, Theater at the Erzsébet-liget.

2 p.m.  Friday,  15th of June    “Wine City Carnival”  at the Wine Museum Budafok at “Záborszky Cellar” District XXII. –  24-26  Nagytétényi Rd.

4 p.m.  12th- to 16th of June  “Spectacular Outdoor Carnival” – District V.-  Vörösmarty Square –    

8.30 p.m.  Sunday,  17th of June   Margaret Island’s Open Air Stage.

17th Danube Carnival Gala

On Stage:

“Treasures of the East”

House Dance

The director and choreographer of the event:

Mr. János Mucsi ,  “Harangozó” awarded

Tickets price to this event are between 1,900-11,500HUF.

Can be purchased through the Internet: www.szabadterjegy.hu  or  phone: +36 1 301 0147

Personally at  the  “Szabad Tér”  Ticket Office –  District VI. 68 Nagymező Street – Budapest

Or at any of the ticket boxes on the spot where it’s indicated.

To get a dicount price here’s the card  that can be purchased also at the Szabadtér Office:


If you still have energy … and why not, then you shouldn’t miss the highlights of the Carnival’s closing shows and get into the mood to watch the spectacular dancers and musicians from around the fabulous East. Twenty-five countries of a total of 300 professional Hungarian and International artists will unfold their traditional treasures. This is exactly the example of a formation of a “dance chain” that is taken as  a bridge between Nations. As it is also known, as the “Dance House”, it’s a method of dancing that is also implemented in the UNESCO’s Representative List, as the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

During the 10 days, here’s a few awesome folk dancing participant countries to tickle your interest: Azerbaijan, India, China, Turkey, Ukraine. The Visegrád countries: Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia. The  domestic groups: Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, Danube Folk Ensemble.  Look out for the line-up of the Brass Band Budapest, Dance, Danube Carnival Festival Folk, Fun Hungarian, June Outdoors Summer. The organizers thought of  pleasing the kids as well. There will be a spot for the kids at the Vörösmarty Square and if they feel good then you will surely feel good too, simple as that!

Nevermind, if the 10 days list of events tires your feet from folk dancing, then you may roll over anytime to the biggest “greenland”  to the Margaret Island, where the River Danube is floating, cutting its way in two at the most spectacular surrounding sights in Budapest. Relax, enjoy your stay and also give yourself a treat by tasting the traditional Hungarian and International liquid and dry food specialties. How to reach the Margaret Island … no not by swimming! You can  reach the port with ease to the Open Air Stage by boat. This year for the first time, the organizers of the festival and the “Mahart” River Shipping Ltd agreed to  have a more  friendly arrival for the visitors  by opening a new port station just a couple of steps to the Margaret Island’s Theater.  You can port at the bank stations at  the  Vigadó Square, the  Batthyány Square or at the Dráva Street. I bet this sounds pretty good for many individuals.

During the Festival, at the “Dance with Us” market, there will be many handcrafts that you won’t be able to leave and why would you, when you can take them home and being a story-teller, show the items to your family, relatives and friends of the time you had while staying in Budapest and taking part in the world of traditional dancers and music at the Danube Festival.

Hope and wish you will enjoy every minute of your stay and spread the news around your neighbours, cause the show ain’t ending with the Danube Festival Gala … the show goes on until the end of August with many grand performances to still to come at the Margaret Island and also at the Városmajor’s – Garden Theater.

Updated by Aggie Reiter

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