This year’s  Gala Games has reached its fourth year anniversary.

Welcome  “Tennis Classics Players”.

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The date and place as to be at the “hard courts”:

October, 29. 2011.

Scene: “László Papp” Sport Arena – Budapest

Even if the weather will be cloudy, the Stars of Tennis bring sunshine to the Arena, that’s for sure!

The Tennis Classics Players were introduced as they arrived to the scene of  the Gala Evening at the Budapest’s  Hotel Kempinszky by Balázs Taróczy, the former Hungarian tennis player who opened the ground. His name in tennis  wasn’t familiar to the world of tennis in the year 1985 ,  whereas he won in the doubles title with partner  Heinz Gunthardt  at  Wimbledon. The Tennis Classics Players was a long cherished dream of his. as to once be able to bring to the ground of Budapest the grand  tennis players, so that the Hungarians can see and have the moody feeling that is on at these  grounds of tennis. Mr. Taróczy’s  great supporter and helping hands in bringing  and holding this special event  was and this year aswell  is  Andrea Temesvári, the former professional  tennis player. Once was ranked as high as the World Number. 7 and  in 1986 at the French Open  she won with Martina Navratilova in the woman’s double.  Now it can be seen that the guest tennis players will be in good hands.

Balázs Taróczi’s dreams are coming true this year  again as to welcome fabulous selection of grand tennis players. As he said during the welcoming ceremony, “It is easier to give call  and invite my  former ground players. Knowing personally each other is as simple as “ace” and always receives the welcome. Unfortunately, not so smooth with the to-day’s great tennis players, who (their managers) sometimes haven’t a clue who they are talking with,  so it ain’t always easy to reach the goal,  just having to give a harder try”.

The players initiated luckily made it. The legendary player from Croatia – who doesn’t remember his Grand Slams – Goran Ivanisevic is the  4th Tennis Classics’s guest star.  (Balázs Taróczy was  Goran Ivanisevic’s coach throughout 1989/1990).  Jevgenyij Kafelnikov, another big shot has arrived to participate in rolling the good times on at this Gala of Tennis. Superb that to-day’s first in the line of tennis players Fernando Verdasco and Gael Monfils have had excepted the invitation to join this group of marvelous tennis players as to play tennis for fun and from deep down their hearts.

Fernando Verdesco,  last but not least he arrived safe and sound and spoke about his route from the airport to the Hotel Kempinszky: “I will surely keep in mind this afternoon’s arrival of mine to the Hotel Kempinszky”. His plane landed late at the “Ferenc (Frank) Liszt” Airport/Budapest and he would have had arrived to the gathering pretty late if it wasn’t for the motorcycle police to escort him all the way from the airport to the Hotel  Kempinszky. So, the troopers of Metro Police  accomplished what is written on their motorcycle “To Protect and Serve”. Verdasco also added: “The Police sure did a splendid job and I was amazed how the rolling cars along the way  just pulled aside by hearing the loud toot siren passing them. This was something pretty unusual experience for me, something I will  surely remember”

Richard Krajicek,  implemented us of  his secret of how he was able to come and join this magnificent selection of tennis players. He said: “I am often far from my wife and son and I work hard on it to be there with them at least on week-ends. This time I told my wife, I will leave Friday late afternoon  hours. (The flight  from Amsterdam to Budapest is only one-and-a-half hours) ) and at Sunday morning 9 a.m. on the spot I will be sitting at the breakfast table to have breakfast together. So she look at me for a short glance and said: alright 🙂 and here I am”

Here is just a brief “refreshing button”:

Gael Monfils – Right-handed, two-handed backhand – born: 1986 – Paris – France

One of a kind,  a marvelous showman on the field of tennis. He assures to the ‘witnesses” up an around the ground his acrobatic style in playing the 21 centuries modern, modifies hops and catches. Was the highest ranked French tennis player in the World ATP of this year, with the rank of number 7. Within a year playing as a Junior he won at the Australian Open, the Roland Garros and in Wimbledon.

Highlights of 2010: Mercedes Cup Germany, F, Davis Cup, QF, Open de Nice Cote d’Azur, QF, Mutua Madrilena Masters Madrid, QF, Open 13 France, QF, ABN AMRO Championship, QF, SA Tennis South Africa, SF, Brisbane International, Australia, SF, Rogers Masters, QF.

Fernando Verdasco – Left-handed – two handed, backhand – born: 1983 – Madrid – Spain

They say, if there is two tennis  ground within the backyard of your house, there’s nothing surprising in having your kids to grow up as being tennis players. Yup, it sounds pretty good as to be a runner-up!

Grand Slams: Roland Garros, 4 rounds – 2007, 2008, 2009, Wimbledon, 4 rounds – 2006, 2008, 2009, Australian Open, ED -2009 US Open, ND – 2009.  Tour Finals, RR -2009.

Yevgeny Kafelnikov – Right-handed – two-handed backhand – born: 1974  –  Sochi – Soviet Union

He is a former World number 1 tennis player. He won two Grand Slam’s singles titles.One was at the French Open and the other one was at  the  Australian Open. Received one-one gold medal at the Sydney’s Olympic Games. One within the doubles titles, and one with the men’s single. Representing Russia,  he won the Davis Cup in 2002. In the year 1996 he was the grand tennis player at the French Open to have won both the singles and the men’s doubles titles.

Grand Slams: Wimbledon, QF – 1995, French Open W – 1996, Tour Finals, F – 1997, Australia Open, W – 1999, US Open, SF – 1999 and 2001 The Olympic Games – Sydney, Gold Medal – 2000.

Goran Ivanisevic – Two-handed – backhand-handed – born: 1971 – Split/Croatia (former Yugoslavia)

Retired,  but not forgotten!

For those that remember and for those who are still young by heart for tennis,  Ivanisevic made his first highlighting step on the ground of tennis by knocking out Boris Becker at the 1st round during the French Open in 1990. That was a time when he became the king on “aces”.

Grand Slams: Australian Open, QF – 1989, 1994, 1997, French Open, QF – 1990, 1992, 1994, US Open, SF – 1996, Wimbledon, W – 2001 (This was his most famous winning ground).

Mansour Bahrami – Right-handed – one-handed backhand – Born: 1956 –  Arak/Iran

Retired, yet active when called for shows, exhibitions etc.

Bahrami was born to be a superb tennis players and an artist handling x-number of balls. His show offs, his brilliant elastic moves proves he has an awesome sence of humor. His tricky catches are breathtaking, all enjoyable by the tennis lovers.

Grand Slams: French Open, 2R 1981, Australian Open, N/A , Wimbledon, N/A, US Open, N/A.

Richard Krajicek – Right-handed and one-handed backhand – Born: 1971 – Rotterdam/The Netherlands

Retired, but still active in rolling the balls. He plays occasional senior tennis games. He runs a Foundation under his name that builds sport facilities for kids in the Netherlands.

Grand Slams: Australian Open, SF – 1992, French Open, SF -1993, Wimbledon, W – 1996, US Open, QF – 1997, 1999, 2000.

Fabrice Santoro – Right-handed  and two-handed both sides – Born: 1972 – Tahiti/French Polynesia

Junior winner at Roland Garros and Junior Orange Bowl.

In 2008 at the Australian Open he was able to break Andre Agassi’s record.  This was  his  highlight within  the career of  the Grand Slam world.

Retired in 2009 with his last active playing at his hometown in Paris at the BNP Paribas Masters. For a single tournament  Santoro returned to play at the Grand Slam at the Australian Open. He wished to have a record of his games in four different decades.

Grand Slams: US Open, 3R – 1990, 1998, 1999, 2004, French Open, 4F – 1991, 2001, Wimbledon, 3R – 2001, Australian Open, QF – 2006

Grand Slam Doubles: US Open, SF -2003, Australian Open, W – 2003, 2004, French Open, F – 2004, Wimbledon, F – 2006.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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