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November, 11 – 26. 2011.

 8. József Nádor Square – Budapest

From Tuesday to Sunday –  11a.m. – 7p.m.

The exhibition will be opened by:

Sergio Ediardo Moreira Lima,
Brazilian Embassor to Hungary

Greeting the guests:

Balázs Péter Kovács, Munkásy Prize-winning artist

This time, save time and money to roll over to Brazil to view these jewelries, cause they are coming  here to Budapest.  Twelve popular Brazilian  goldsmith’s jewelries will be out on display.

Here are some background thoughts by the  arists they  wish to share with you in advance:

Adeguimar Arantes “My history with Jewelry began at childhood, in the workshop of my father, a talented and a sightful man who taught me that happiness lies in the simplicity and made me realize the world around me: the backyard, Cerrado de Goiás with its herbs which are able scent and heal, its fruits, animals and all the richness of the eco system. Here, I developed the art of jewelry making, a passion that has accompanied me since then. Each piece that leaves my studio, which already has a history of 26 years, is produced individually, although imbued with local cultura, and displays universal language. Among the many collections, “Além das Águas” has a special place, as its starting point is the iconography of Caldas Novas, in honor for the centennial of the city where I have chosen to live.”

Bruna Bert “Since very young I discoverd my taste for Jewelry. However, only after getting married did I start exploring this talent. At first, I spent my time selling them but I didn’t feel complete, I used to think I could get more involved and participate in the production, put my ideas through and feel my presence more effectively in apiece of Jewelry. I took many courses in São Paulo, both Design and Jewelry ones, in which I gained enough know-how to make my dreams come true and put my projects into practice, having already launched my own collection. My concept about jewelry is broad, I see it not only as an accessory, it is about personality, people’s souls, being able to transform the self-steem of those who wear the ideal piece.”

Claudia Coral I’m graduated in Publicity from FAAP and a successful businesswoman in the promotional area for more than fifteen years. Mad about arts, design, diamonds and precious stones, I started making my own pieces as a hobby, which are now my love. I have improved myself as a jewelry designer through design courses at Escola Panamericana de Artes, having my daily life and everything that is beautiful as my inspiration.”

Cristiane Azevedo “Graduated in Industrial Design, I have worked with Jewelry for 13 year sand three years ago Icreated Gharimpeira, a company focused on promoting and diffusing the Brazilian Jewelry Design. Creating the collection presented here, taking these 3D forms from sketches and projecting them into metal was challenging. Jewelry is a cultural and artistic manifest for me since the begining of humanity, ornaments, signs, synchronized with men and their universe, a connection between the desirable and the real.”

Dorine Botana “My work has always been developed through gems. They are the source of inspiration to the pieces I create, which are never part
of a predefined project, they are inconstant change until they reach a  satisfactory result. At this moment in which we are trying to preserve nature
the most, I have decided to turn myself to the always exotic and unusual raw stones; beautiful, delicate, exclusive…selected by the imagination eyes that never see the real but the transformation, which always surprises me with new images as real nature sculptures, and after being worked with precious metal end up in unique and noble pieces … JEWELS in the real conception.”

Glenio de Castro “My missions is to ‘Illuminate the Women’. Through a little magic trick which transmits brightness, enchantment and power, a piece of jewelry becomes our greatest source of steam and value. For this reason I have become a jewelry designer whose design displays a harmonious combination between metal and gems, resulted from a studied balance between classic and contemporary, materializing in exclusive pieces, though extremely up-to-date. I had my pieces exhibited at the Louvre Museum, a great acknowledgement of my talent.”

Julia Dorneles “I develop an authorial work of sculpture within the Jewelry. My creation is inspired by the exuberant and intriguing nature, in constant change. I create pieces to be worn by contemporary, daring, versatile and sophisticated women with a lot of kindness. I use stones and Diamonds to color and add brightness to the pieces. All of them are exclusive.”

Laura Moure “Shapes, color sand textures fascinate me, and it’s through the art that I feel freedom to express myself. I’m a graduated in fashion design, and I had my first contact with jewelry when I was still in college. There’s always a mystery during the creation process of my jewels, since the first scribbles to their conclusion. My goal is to discover unusual and unconventional shapes to transform gold and silver in exclusive pieces, adding the beauty and color of the stones, may those be raw or lapidated. I’m always thinking about the small details do every creation is unique. Seeing the final result is always a satisfaction. My jewelry mixes the geometric shapes with movement and rhythm, resulting in a very contemporary work. I believe that each jewel is able to seal moments and translate the personality of those who wear it.”

Maria Antonelle “A piece of jewelry imortalize moments”. When it is exclusively created, it embodies the personality of who wears it, represented in gems’ colors, noble metals, translating the enchantment of each magic moment in life. I’m inspired by the constant movement of the Universe. I was born in Vera Cruz/ SP, and I currently live in Marilia/ SP. I’ve got a post-graduate degree in Gemology from Universidade Federal De Ouro Preto/MG. I’ve studied Science at UNESP, Jewelry Design at SENAC, Jewel and Gem Evaluation, Gem Cut, Pearl Wiring, Color Analysis and Jewelry Production Techniques. I have an specialization in identifying, classifying and assessing Diamonds. I have worked as an International correspondent for three years, covering the major jewelry, gems and watches fairs, in Basel, Vincenza, Hong Kong and Thailand. I’ve written several articles published in magazines specialized in jewelry, such as BR&J. I have launched the collection Playing with Miró at SPFW, inspired by the Spanish painter Juan Miró, Casa Cor, Feninjer SP – Sept./2011.”

Renata Salvadori “I have attended Fine Arts College in São Paulo and been to workshops around the world. Nowadays my work revolves around unique jewelry in silver and stones. I handle the piece of jewelry as a work of art that goes with the body valorizing mystery and a mystical world, attributing to these objects the power to reconnect us. Besides, I truly believe in the strength of Brazilian design.”

Sandra Guarnieri “I was born in São Paulo and graduated in Pedagogy. I have always been mad about jewelry and used to have my own pieces made. After my daughter was born I stopped teach in gand started taking several courses to spend time, but I had no motivation to finish any of them. That was when I came across the jewelry course and decided to take it, it was love at first ‘class’, the transformation of metals enchanted me, I haven’t stopped since then, I’ve worked in the bench for 5years and I have improved myself with different courses, among them Jewelry Design. I have classic and clean style, once I believe that a piece of jewelry should last for generations.”

Vera Monfort “I am a business administrator and also someone who has the vocation for studying arts, in the search for an artistic expression I have found in the manufacturing of jewels my way. My work comes from experimenting with classical materials, gold and silver, associated to conventional elements such as fossils, coral, minerals and unusual gems, in their most varied forms. The result are unique combinations that reflect the search for the unusual without parting with the sophistication and exclusivity.”

Maria Isabel “My painting is closely connected to the unconscious, I do not idealize anything before I start painting. A line leads to another that leads to another, the color appears and the work is gradually constructed. Then I seek a certain harmony between forms and colors. Color is key for me, totally connected to my feelings. I am often surprised by figures that appear linked to the children’s world and dream. Birds and Ballen as appear in many forms in my work. I have designed and painted since childhood and I have always been passionate about Fine Arts. At the moment, I spend my time painting with acrylic paint and digital design work on the computer. The most important thing in my painting is the pleasure I feeling doing it.”

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