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The 7th Somlói Juhfark (Sheep Tail) Holiday 2022.


Saturday, October, 22. 2022.

Venue: Tornai Winery – 1242 Somló hill – Somlójenő

Somló Veszprém county, on the eastern edge of the Marcal basin, a 435-meter high volcanic mountain stands out from the plains.  Venue: Tornai Winery – 1242 Somló hill – Somlójenő. Nowonder the Juhfark and Somló are a special pair. The unique, volcanic character of the mountain can best be conveyed by Juhfark, and vice versa: the varietal traits characteristic of  Juhfark are best displayed on Somló. The result: an inimitable wine with a complex, mineral flavor. The walking tasting is a special experience, one of the most popular genres of the wine-loving public, where the best wines of several wineries are available at the same time  on the spot.

Be ready to walking tasting superb 27 Juhfark wines from 17 wineries  on October, 22. 2022. The winemakers from Somló, welcome the public  and can taste the best batches of the past years, personally presented by the winemakers. The Somlói Juhfark Holiday will be a special walking tasting in several ways: First of all: it is exclusively about Juhfark. Such a presentation focusing on a single breed can be interesting if the breed is multifaceted. Not only the characteristics of the wine region, the perception of the winemaker handwork. Can sense from the tasting batches and discover the wines of completely different types and characters. Juffark is like that. Second: at this event, not only the wines, but also their makers, the winemakers themselves, will be presented. We can get to know many authentic winemakers, ask questions, talk about the techniques of wine making, the characteristics of wines, taste and re-taste.
And finally: it will be held at Somló, where can enjoy not only the wines, but also the unique environment. Wherever their foot leads the visitors, will find diverse natural beauties, impressive panoramas, well-ordered rows of grapes, wonderful cellars and chapels.
Additional programs and workshops make the walking tasting even more interesting at the Juhfark holiday. The best way to know vineyards of Somló, older vintages and the famous wine regions of the world comparing its wines with each Juhfark wines.

The organizers also provide with the visitors tasting ticket(so called participation fee)local transfers from their personally reserved designated accommodations such as: 5Ház, Wine Estate, Hotel Kristály Ajka, Somló Nordic, Somló Kiss Estate, Varsádi Boutique Guesthouse.

The Day’s Program:
Walking/Tasting (1 p.m. – 8 p.m.) The best Juhfark items from Somló. Ticket price: 8900HUF
The walking tasting ticket entitles the participant to unlimited tastings during the entire duration of the event of the winery’s 27 wines.
Workshops: No. 1. Trip around Somló (Noon – 2 p.m.) Bus vineyard tour on the mountain. The view is something to remember to, the best wines of the wineries along the route. Ticket price: 5900HUF.

No. 2. Somló VS World (3 p.m.) Juhfark and indigenous varieties in the world’s great wine regions. How the terroir affects the variety and how it shows and the variety the strengths of the terroir? Where and what kind of wine is born from this venue? Interactive comparative tasting by Attila Fiáth (WSET). Ticket price: 7900HUF.

No. 3. Faces of the Juhfark (6 p.m.) Comparative tasting of international award-winning Tornai Juhfark of different vintages led by Tamás Tornai. Ticket price: 5900HUF.

Guided museum and cellar tour (2 p.m. and 5 p.m.) Ticket price: 1000HUF (ticket purchase on the spot)

Participating wineries and wines welcoming the visitors:
5 House Estate: Juhfark 2020, Juhfark 2019. – Baráth Wine Workshop: Juhfark 2020. – Barcza Winery: Barcza Juhfark 2020 (unfiltered), Juhfark 2019 (unfiltered) – Csetvei Winery: Juhfark 2017 – Dobosi Winery: Bio Juhfark 2021 – Fehérvár Estate: Reserve Juhfark 2020 –  Grand Reserve Juhfark 2020- Black Cellar: Juhfark 2019 – Hegedűs-Szabó Winery: Juhfark 2020, 2021 – Quarry Cellar: Juhfark 2020, Juhfark 2019, Juhfark 2018, Juhfark 2017- Kreinbacher Estate: Juhfark Selection 2020, Juhfark 2021 – Somlói Abbey Cellar: Juhfark 2020 – Somlói Vándor Cellar: Juhfark 2021 – Szabó Winery: Juhfark 2020 – Tomcsányi Family Estate: Juhfark 2021 (unfiltered) – Tornai Winery: Premium Juhfark 2021, Aranyhegy Juhfark 2020, Grófi Juhfark 2019 – Zsirai Winery: Juhfark 2020.

Transfer: From Budapest  – Back&Forth – Somló Winery. A special bus departs from Budapest to celebrate Juhfark (Sheep Tail) wines.

Bus departure: Saturday, October 22, 2022, 10 a.m. from BAH junction gas station. Return bus from Somló Saturday, October 22, 2022, 8 p.m. Tornai Winery. Round-trip ticket price: 6900HUF

Recommender: Aggie Reiter