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Badacsony wines – New York Palace – Budapest 2016.

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For the 5th occasion the region of Badacsony (Lake Balaton) – the home of the “Kéknyelű” wines  presented itself at the New York Palace – Budapest. The wine makers personally offered personally their wines to the wine lovers glasses and also introduced the varieties in flavors. In connection with the jubilee anniversary was decided that this year wines over the last five years, including the real terrain wines should be presented.

In the Gastro Experiences Year perhaps is more important to get to know a bit  better the wine-makers from the Badacsony wine region, the area itself and the traditions they follow. At the New York Palace there were from the smallest craft wineries, the producers and the largest wineries from the region of Badacsony. The Badacsony Wine atmosphere was brought to life in Budapest. All the wines on the spot were previously qualified by a professional committee by only leaving the finest products  to be offered at the event.

Within the wine tasting program film screenings, lectures, demonstrations and photos enriched the event. Dr. András Csizmadia gastro philosopher gave lecture about how food can be paired with the wines of Badacsony. Professor Dr. Gabriella Mészáros gave a lecture on where the varieties of grapes stand at the Badacsony land. Journalist Robert Smyth spoked about what does it mean for an outsider the county of the volcano’s wine.

Special soil, lots-and-lots of sunshine, tradition and beautiful scenery. All is at the fingertips at Badacsony which is needed for a world-class wine region. The wine-makers regularly hold wine excursions! From February to June every Saturday a different winery is open and the locals organize a special program for those who wish to gain better knowledge of the Badacsony wines.

Keep in mind the wineries awaiting to be visited: Borbély Family Winery, Németh Cellar, Óbester, Borbarátok (Wine Friends), Szabó Family Winery, VÁLIBOR, Róza Szegedy Róza House Literary Museum and Wine, Málik Cellar, Léránt Cellar, Szent György Cellar,  Güns Cellar,  Csobánci Wine Manufactory,  Kisfaludy House, Thomay Cellar,  Sipos Wine House.

Definitely have to underlinre two outstanding tables, one was from the Horváth Cellar – Badacsony, with its heavenly  2011 – Szürkebarát  (Pinot Gris) – produced from the grapes Grape, the other which was unique by itself being at the Badacsony wines event, was the selection of the family owned Renaissance Pálinka House, also from Badacsony.

Badacsony is particularly an awesome place to admire the beauty of the scenery, taste the delicious flavors or just to spend a week-end relaxing and enjoying the countryside company.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter